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Case Study - Essentials of Penile Enlargement for sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/3/2000>
Dear DR. Lin,
I just started Penile Fitness.Com, essentially the jelq method which people are apparently getting results from. According to you these methods do not work. Are you familiar with this site? Anyhow I am told there is no danger to this practice but what is the truth? There is a book written by Dr. Stephen Chang called The Great Tao of Sexology, his number 415-566-1332 and although I have not read it yet he has a chapter regarding penile enlargement and has written about how to accomplish it through jelqing and related exercises. I have heard of people accomplishing this through these methods, it seems like everyone has something to sell and everyone has such divergent views on the subject. My penis seems to have shrunk even the flaccid state over the years. These days I have no sexual partner now but when I have, erections are not as firm and do not last as long accompanied by impotence. I had hope in these jelquing methods till I read your info here. Can you help me directing me to any studies which disprove scientifically that jelqing does not work and what I should do to regain my sexual abilities.

Thanks in advance for any help, 

Dr. Lin: 7/4/2000>
I hope you can understand the mechanism of penile erection first. Any methods can stimulate the penis to expand or "Enlarge," since the penis is a blood balloon. The so-called penile "exercises" mislead men to the concept that the penis is formed by muscles like these tissues in the legs and hands. You can do "exercises" to stretch it like the bodybuilders do. There is no muscle in the penis, but delicate spongy tissues. If you mess up the penile tissues and damage the unique sinusoids, the penis will curve or crook. I have never claimed that other penile "exercise" methods won't work, but I just want to let you know there is no muscles in the penis for you to exercise! Therefore, you should understand the mechanism of penile erection as described in the following, you can enlarge your penis with any kinds of penile stimulation, before you damage your penile tissues, as long as your neuroendocrine function can power up the parasympathetic sexual nerve and pump out sufficient hormones to burn.
At age of 47, you experienced penile shrinkage as a result of lacking Yin Chi (the bioelectric voltage of the parasympathetic nervous function - Acetylcholine action), and deficiency of hGH, DHEA and testosterone - a weak function of neuroendocrine function. The Acetylcholine action on the penis and prostate's parasympathetic nerves facilitates the release of the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO) and the erectile dilator cyclic Guanosine MonoPhosphate (cGMP) with a presence of the amino acid L-Arginine (the hGH releaser and donor of the element N to combine with Oxygen in production of NO) and the enzyme Guanylate Cyclase that binds NO into cGMP.  NO and cGMP initiate the penile erection. To produce sufficient NO and cGMP, it requires the neurotransmitters Acetylcholine to provide one-way chemical linkage for nervous synapses. The erectile drug (V?agr?) deactivates an enzyme called cGMP PhosphoDiestErase type 5 or (PDE-5) that destroys cGMP, leading to the accumulation of cGMP in the penile vascular smooth muscles (VSM). If there is no cGMP produced in the VSM cells, even the erectile drug will fail to initiate penile erection. Behind the scene is the Acetylcholine action.
The penile enlargement further requires a burst and burning of testosterone into a superhormone DHT and bioenergy. DHT stimulates the the penile spongy tissues for further expansion, while the bioenergy in turn charges the parasympathetic nervous function to amplify the bioelectric pulses for the production of more Acetylcholine and NO, that expands the erection beyond the natural erectile size. Note that DHT is responsible for the penile or clitoral growth of teenagers. Yet, the binding of DHT into hair follicles will result in balding. But, unfortunately, you need sufficient DHT to enlarge your penis, like your penile growth in your teenage years! 
Don't mention penile enlargement without the support of the neuroendocrine functions. 
If a man can not hold ejaculation back for several times, he won't be able to enlarge his penis naturally. Even if he can hang a foot-long penis pointing to a 4-6 o'clock position, the penis is just a piece of sausage in his crotch. 
Don't expect any penile exercises to restore the penile size without powering up the parasympathetic nervous function and pumping up the hormonal production. Even teenagers' or young men's penises shrink too when they ejaculate too frequently in one love session or masturbate too often, more than once a day.
So what are the conditions for enlarge the penis? Holding ejaculation back ( Or Prolonging Sexual Stimulation without ejaculation) and Powering the neuroendocrine functions.
Take my words.
You may wonder why I have to develop the male multiple orgasm techniques - Sexual ChiKong and Anal Breathing Methods, to prevent unwanted ejaculation, and these products to power the neuroendocrine functions.
For middle agers and seniors, it requires the advanced formulas ViaPal-hGH series (item 3-009 - 3-012) to restore or enlarge the penile erection.

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