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News updated:

Case Study - He said our products have made his g/f reach very powerful multiple-cycle sexual orgasm and himself enlarge his penis to more than 7 inches from 5.3 inches; he wants more for her!
Reader: 7/3/2000>
Thanks Dr Lin..........I took ur products and buy ur CD 3 months ago and ur 
products have make my g/f reach orgasm and of course I have a power up penis 
even more than 7 inches :) (the original is 5.3 inches) But I would like to ask a few questions....

1) May I know how to make my g/f reach for the second time coz she seems to 
be tired when she reach for the first time using the 3 point excitation 

2)My penis grew longer at 7 inches when erect after I took Verdina and 
Viagrowth II.The problem is ..it is still as thin as last time althought it 
grew longer but my g/f always demand for a thick circumference 
penis.......she want my penis head to be bigger to......How can I do that 
for her?

3)How to have an anal intercourse coz in the CD i did not see any picture 
and description on anal intercourse.We would like to try for anal 
intercourse but her ass seems to be very tight and small......my penis 
really can't get inside....

Ur answer and comment is indeed important for me........

Thanks and pls reply ASAP!!!!!

Dr. Lin: 7/4/2000>
Congratulation! Glad to hear my formulas and CD_ROM help her achieve orgasm and you enlarge your penis, as expected. You have done an excellent job in 3 months. Regarding the penile lengthening, it will take 6-12 months to achieve your level for a regulate male. ViaGrowth products can give you an erection power boost. Fibra Tea can blood the stress-hormone receptors in the prostate and penile tissues and boost the parasympathetic action on the hormone receptors for producing more Nitric Oxide (the erectile neurotransmitter) and its erectile dilator cGMP in the penile vascular smooth muscle cells which flexibility and elasticity are essential for enlarging your penis. Verdina, somehow, can increase the Serotonin level in the brain to calm the brain's sexual response for holding ejaculation back. For this reason, we have developed a new formulate to balance the brain's nervous functions among the neurotransmitters acetycholine (the erection driver), dopamin (the orgasm driver), and serotonin (the brain/mind calmer - the emission controller and suppresser).
This formula can solve the severe premature ejaculation condition (lasting less than 2 minutes upon vaginal penetration), and help men train themselves for achieving multiple orgasms with semen/sperm emission and ejaculation during sex. This is our updated results about the effect of serotonin on the male emission control - the contraction of the seminal vesicles and the prostate ejaculation controller.

Ok, here is the answers for your questions. 
1. It seems that after she experiences a sequence of multiple-cycle orgasms, she has burned out her testosterone and fully discharged her parasympathetic battery in the pelvic muscles. You have to realize that multiple-cycle orgasms in one come are more powerful and intensive than a collection of weak orgasms due to multiple comes. She becomes exhausted with Level 6 or 7 orgasms by the 3-Point Excitation Position. 
To make her come multiple times with the powerful multiple-cycle orgasms, she has to take ViaGrowth-III or -IV in 1-2 hours prior to intercourse.
Otherwise, if you force her to have another orgasm, she will experience spasmic pains and cramps in her low-abdomen and anal/tailbone muscles due to the deficiency of DHEA and testosterone in the local tissues.

2. To thick your penis, you have to grow your glands penis first.
This is the most difficult part of the job. To enlarge the size of your glans, it requires squeezing the hormone-enriched blood to the glans. The glans neck is a natural restrictor of the blood to the glans. Most of people can increase the length, but cannot break this bottleneck to achieve the fully thickening of the penile shaft. For this reason, you have to massage the glans neck which itself is a stimulation zone, as shown in
which is marked as "no stimulation here." 
When you are well-trained to fully control your emission, you can massage both sides of the glans neck and the superior side of the glans. When the testosterone level is high in the penile blood flow, the stimulation of the glans will result in the glans ballooning. This can also be achieved by the the suction force created by her Epicenter between her bladder and cervix, and the bioelectric coupling between her Epicenter and your glans penis. The best result is produced by the hand massage and her Epicenter suction/coupling in the morning sex when your and her testosterone levels reach the maximum of the days. The another way to develop the glans is to let her perform oral sex on your glans while she uses one hand to massage your scrotum/testes for stimulation of your testosterone production. The glans penis can gradually increase in size with these practice when the glans tissues are continuously bathed in the hormone-enriched blood.
The penile shaft will be also enlarged by the daily penile massage with your two thumbs and index fingers during sex or in the morning upon your wake-up. In fact, the penile shaft is thickening in the same way as the glans does, the penile shaft is more straightward since there is no glans neck to restrict the blood flow.
I have developed my penile size - length and thickness after I got married. After 1 year we got married, my penis becomes over-sized for her mouth. The size and length have been sustained as long as my neuroendocrine function can pump out sufficient hormones and the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and NO. It has become very difficult for my wife to perform oral sex on my penis, as shown in

The side effect is that she has become less interesting in giving me oral sex, but more in enjoying deep penetration for stimulation of her Epicenter. 

3. You won't get benefit from anal intercourse. The Anal Intercourse can stimulate her tailbone muscles and the Posterior Fronix around her cervix as shown in 
This can be achieve by the 4-point Excitation Method, the highest stimulation method in the lovemaking.
Do it with my 3-point Excitation Position, while she swings her butts over your thighs with an elliptic motion, that is, her clitoris circles your pubic bone elliptically, and she also contract her anal/tailbone muscle at the same time.
This method can create a supper-7 orgasm, as described in
The supper-7 orgasm discharges the orgasmic energy through the Conception, Governing, Kidney and Liver vessels, through the front back body, spinal cord and legs, toward the head, heart, hands and feet, as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/wavepath.jpg . It creates a full-body orgasm!
Mastering the 4-point Excitation Method will give her more funs!
So, I suggest you give up anal intercourse that may give her pains.

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