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News updated:

Case Study - Solutions of mechanical penile damage due to vacuum pumping or weightlifting.
Reader: 7/1/2000>
I have used the vacuum pump on my penis and now I have some bruising on the right side of my penis. The color is slightly darker than the surrounding skin. I cannot seem to achieve a very hard erection now and I occasionally have some discomfort in my penis. I have stopped using the vacuum but the buising doesn't seem to be getting better. I am worried, what can I do? 

Dr. Lin: 7/2/2000>
Gee! you are one of them falling in to the trap of false penile enlargement - penile pumping or weightlifting.
But, you are the only one!
I don't know how many times I have to tell you guys that vacuum penile pumping won't enlarge your penis, but result in brushing the penis, damaging the delicate penile spongy tissues, crooking the penis, and weakening erection.  Vacuum forced erection will result in weak erection (impotency too!) due to the over-discharge of the bioelectric energy of the parasympathetic sexual nerve.
Obviously, you are heading for this destination.
The penis does not have muscles to develop or grow after you pass the growth season; the only way you can increase its size is to balloon it since the penile cylinders are the blood balloons! To balloon your penis, you need a powerful parasympathetic action and the flexibility and elasticity of the penile tissues. Damaged tissues or uneven expansibility of the penile cylinders will crook your penis!  Please read http://www.actionlove.com/extra/enlarge.htm 

Now, you need a lot of penile massage to healing the damaged tissues or blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) and improve the local circulation to de-color the damaged spots.
First, erect your penis naturally, no more pumping please!
then, apply a little muscle rub (such as BenGay or other else) to the spots; and massage it for 5-10 minutes.
Finally, put the penis in a warm water about 120 degrees and massage it for another 5-10 minutes to let the medicine. Do it twice a day. The best time to do is the morning upon your waking up, when your testosterone is at the peak of the day! The another time is minutes prior to going to bed, since  your human Growth Hormone (hGH) and DHEA will start to peak up upon your falling into sleep. 
The healing power is produced by hGH, DHEA and testosterone.
In this regard, ViaGrowth-IV (item 1-005) can help you out!
Hopefully, it won't leave scar tissues to crook your penis!

Dr. Lim,
I have been trying the massage technique you have described and I am 
already starting to feel better. I finally was able to achieve full arousal 
after weeks of unsatisfying results. I have also discovered that you seem 
to be the only one on the internet exposing the dangers of the vacuum pump. 
Now I know and so should everyone else that these devices are very 
dangerous! As far as I am concerned, they should be illegal!! You are 
providing a very valuable service to people with the information that you 
share on your website. Thank you very much.
Dr. Lin 7/5/2000>
Glad to hear about your good news!
I think you will be all right!
Penile vacuum pumping creates a false, temporary enlargement image by a forced erection. It results in fatigue of the penile spongy tissues by overstretching and in destruction of the delicate structure of the penile spongy sinusoids.
It will cause impotence. It will take you a longer time to naturally re-erect your penis after a forced erection is over. I have a lot of young clients who have to take Endura to restore their erection after damaging their penises by penile vacuum pumping. 
I believe it also damage the Vascular Smooth Muscles (VSM) in the penile arteries and sinusoids or increases the fatigue stress (with more stress hormone in the tissues), resulting in blocking the Acetylcholine action on production of the neurotransmitter NO and dilator cGMP.

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