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Case Study - Smart lovemaking technique and products for restoration of body functions and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 6/23/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,

Thanks for a nice site. I have spent many hours researching the extensive material, but although a little wiser, I would really appreciate if you could answer a few questions with regard to my sex life.

My girlfriend is 25 years old. During sex/foreplay she becomes very wet, but her clitoris does not swell up. In fact it is hardly visible. Her nipples are also small, totally insensitive, and have no visible increase in size during sex. She is not responsive to any stimulation of the clitoris, and stimulation of the G-spot with the finger does not give any result. However, she responds to deep penetration. There are basically two ways for her to reach orgasm. The "woman on top" position, where she locks the penis in a deep position and "wiggles" around. (No in and out motions). The other position is when I take her from behind, increasing the thrusts gradually. Her orgasms are generally very weak, usually lasting about 5-7 seconds. She gives few signs of pleasure before she climaxes, and the orgasms "come and go" very quickly. She has not had any multiple orgasms with me. My questions are?

1. Do you think that her blood circulation is bad? If so, can this be solved with "Heat tea"? Do you recommend any other products for her?
2. Could there be any other reasons why here clitoris/G spot is so extremely insensitive? 

I am approaching age 28. I have masturbated daily since age 12. The last couple of years I have felt totally exhausted and very depressed after ejaculation.
I have not had any general problems with my erection, but it has gradually weakend over the years. During sex my erection is ok, but I do start to experience some problems when I pass 30 minutes of action. My penis is not very sensitive, due to circumcision. I therefore have some problems reaching orgasm if I have sex several times pr. week. I have suffered from depression for some years, but have only been on medication for about 18 months. The pills did not have any immidiate effect on my erection, but I suspect that I am starting to feel the effects now. My qestions are:

1. Can too frequent masturbation strengthen the symptoms of my depression?
2. How can I best power up my "system" for a longer erection and better genereal health? Can you recommend any of your products?
3. You have several Via Growth producs. What are the major differences between these?
Dr. Lin: 6/27/2000>
Her testosterone level is too low to power her nervous system due to excessive estrogen that makes her too wet! She is unable to build up sexual energy for powerful orgasm without testosterone burst and burning during sexual encounter. Deep penetration hits her Epicenter (between the bladder and cervix) and then she "wiggles" around to get her cervix massaged around by your penis. This forces her Epicenter to signal the pituitary to produce the orgasm hormone Oxytocin that initiates orgasmic contraction in the uterus. This is what my Screwing Technique does,
This is a "smart" lovemaking technique which forces women to orgasm by massaging around her cervix - using the penis to kiss her cervix! My 3-point Excitation Love Position also includes this cervix stimulation and kissing technique, simply moving her body with an elliptic motion over your pubis such that her clitoris draws an ellipse over your pubis. This method tells you that vaginal size is not a factor for her sexual orgasm and the penile erection power or hardness is the key factor to drive her orgasm!
If she can have a testosterone burst and burning to power up her clitoris, urethra/spongy spongy tissues, she will erupt like a live volcano! Heat Tea can help her to erupt!
Your questions on her have been answered accordingly.

Now, about your problem -
When your parasympathetic nervous and brain-adrenal-testicular functions are still strong enough to overcome the excessive Serotonin produced by medication drugs in your brain/nervous system, you feel no much impact on your erection, but prolong your intercourse. Once your brain-adrenal-testicular function is weakening due to over-ejaculation (frequent ejaculation) and natural aging, medication drugs start to tax your sex life and the excessive serotonin begins to interfere with the action of the parasympathetic acetylcholine system (erection driver),  the sympathetic dopamin system (orgasm driver) and to inhibit the release of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), (libido and premature-ejaculation driver)! 
That is the major side effect of SSRIs (
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) anti-depression drugs.

NOTE: We have been working on an experiment to increase both  the Serotonin (with a plant seed extract) and acetylcholine (with amino acids) functions to suppress excessive dopamin action that results in premature ejaculation. This will upgrade our existing products or package to solve the premature ejaculation (ejaculating upon vaginal penetration) problem of the Young Men (younger than 25) who have excessive testosterone and DHT production and hard erection during sex.

Over-ejaculation over-discharges the bioelectric energy (voltage) of the parasympathetic nervous system, that powers the entire organ function and provides electric biased for your sensing circuitries such as eyes, nose, tongue, skin and ears, and also drain too much zinc which is essential for prostate and liver functions.
As a result, you become sexually exhausted, and your brain's acetylcholine and dopamin actions becomes too weak to lift your mood up - depression!
You can power up your system with Endura in 2 or 3 days and get rid of antidepression drugs immediately!
Endura includes ViaGrowth-III which was formulated for men like your age to 40.



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