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Case Study - Developing hormone receptors for multiple sexual orgasm (s) and female ejaculation.
Reader: 6/22/2000>
I am a lesbian, my girlfriend has multiple orgasms, NEVER less than 15, up to 30 EACH time we're together (at least 2 a week.) I have never experienced this before. Besides the amount, every one is as if her water is breaking (the only way I know how to compare.) I mean the amount of fluid is amazing. Is this normal? What is this called?

Dr. Lin: 6/27/2000>
Sorry for being late. I was out of town through the weekend.
1. You can develop your testosterone and oxytocin receptors along the your urethral spongy on the vaginal ceiling. The Finger Plier Massage is the tool and ViaGrowth-III or ViaGrowth-IV (after age 35-40) is the ingredient for growing the hormone receptors in the urethral spongy tissues. 
The Finger Plier Massage is described in
During 1975 when my wife and I committed each other, I used this massage to develop her orgasmic trigger points in the left hand side of her urethral spongy tissues (about 12-2 o'clock positions) from the vaginal orifice to the Epicenter. On the other hand, During 1977-78, we started to practice our sexual chikong intercourse for multiple orgasms with limiting my ejaculation no more than once in each love session. Since then, She has practiced contraction of her vaginal/anal/tailbone muscles during intercourse. As a result, she has always experienced powerful orgasmic contraction of her whole pelvic cavity - driven by the uterine contraction extending from her tail bone muscle to pubis through the vaginal muscle. Recently (2-3 months ago!), we have discovered she can get powerful orgasms by stimulating her right hand side of the vaginal ceiling around 10-12 o'clock positions. This has happened after I massaged her right-hand-side vaginal/urethral spongy tissues 3 times with taking ViaGrowth-IV. It seems that we can grow more hormone receptors in the tissues around the vaginal/tailbone, pubis and urethra, like body builders do on the muscles in the special areas - I have grown testosterone receptors in my upper arms; testosterone and DHT receptors in my penile tissues so that I can balloon my penis, so does my wife on her clitoral and vaginal/urethral tissues. As a result, she erects her clitoris and G-spot much harder, as described in
The testosterone and oxytocin receptors have been also grown in my tailbone muscle after my many-year practice  for male multiple orgasms without ejaculation. When I practice my anal breathing/contracting method as described in
my tailbone muscle vibrates. When I have sex with my wife with this practice, the vibrating tailbone muscle induces my orgasm (shallow contraction of my PC/prostate muscle) without ejaculation; as a result, my penis vibrates too due to my orgasmic contraction. The vibrating penis acts a gentle massager acting on my wife's Epicenter and around her cervix, resulting in her powerful orgasm without my ejaculation.
Our experiences and experiments have concluded that men and women can develop testosterone and oxytocin receptors in the tissues of sex organs for multiple orgasms. 
Therefore, you can do it too!
2. The fluid discharged during sex is called female ejaculation (FE). FE can be discharge from the urethra and vagina. FE from the urethra requires no vaginal orgasm, but the out-of-control sensation in the pelvic area at the moment of FE breaking out will make you feel something good and involuntary like orgasm. I call it pseudo-orgasm, which corresponds to the male premature ejaculation, as a result of the weak bladder/urethra parasympathetic nerves. This may also be associated stress urinary incontinence in the late life - after midlife.
FE discharged from the vagina requires a powerful orgasm to squeeze the fluid trapped in the porosities in the vagina and uterus. This is very common for women who experiences Level-6 or 7 orgasms. First, testosterone must be burned into the superhormone DHT to dilate the porosities with the action of estrogen (I wonder that estrogen is burning too!), so that blood can flood the arteries and capillaries in the tissues and fluid can fill the porosities. Then, the urethral tissues erect along the the vaginal ceiling and exert a pressure against the Epicenter and cervix, resulting in signaling the pituitary to flood the orgasm hormone Oxytocin to initiate the uterine/vaginal/tailbone contraction. This may also occur in women's wet dream in the early morning when testosterone surges up.

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