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Case Study - Teenagers' Drug/Supplement/Pill abuse and over-masturbation for no sexual orgasm and erection
Reader: 6/21/2000>
Hi I'm Steve, age 15,

I'm worried about my erection because for like 2 months now I'm not getting a hard erection.
I masturbated alot and I,m trying to stop it.
Is there a way for me to recover without having to order anything because I'm still living with my parents?
I'm aso worried about my height because I might be using too much HGH and other hormones.
My problem might be because I masturbated too much and I don't eat much, I only eat like once a day and will this things affect my sexual health and my height?
and how could I fix these problems?

Dr. Lin: 6/22/2000>
1. You should not use any hormones or drugs before your growth season is over (about age of 18).
Excessive Testosterone (in sport dietary supplements) or Estrogen or progesterone (in birth control pill and injection) will activate the brain's hormone negative control loop and knock down the brain/pituitary - testicular (ovarian) functions. Sport dietary supplements, drugs, birth control pill/injection also overload the liver detoxification P450 system and weaken the Liver functions that produces enzymes to translates natural foods to hormones and the neurotransmitters that chemically link the brain/nervous system with the other parts of the body. Erection requires activation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the parasympatheric sexual nerve that stores bioelctric energy to the prostate and penis to produce the neurotransmitter Nitride Oxide (NO), from amino acid L-arginine and Oxygen, and its end-product the erection dilator cGMP with an enzyme called guanylate cyclase. A testosterone burst of the neuroendocrine function to supercharge the parasympathetic function during sexual encounter is essential to acceleration of NO and cGMP production for powering up the penis beyond the spontaneous erection. As long as you mess up your liver function, the NO and cGMP production becomes insufficient. You won't have a spontaneous erection. Once you mess up your brain/neuroendocrine function, you can not power up your penis, even you can have a spontenous erection. 
2. You have multiple damages on your body. In addition to the problems in your brain-neuroendocrine and liver systems, your over-masturbation has over-discharged the bioelectric resting potential of the parasympathetic nervous division which drives the normal functions of all the organs - that is, provides the bioelectric biased voltage for organs to work for producing, sensing and actuating. It also overloads the testicular/prostate functions for sperm/semen production, resulting in zinc deficiency in the testicles, prostate and liver. Once the damage is done, it is very difficult to have a full recovery. The thermodynamic 2nd law tells us that you can not restore the body function to what is supposed to be without drug/supplement abusing and over-masturbating. However, you can restore your body to certain degrees since you are still young, age 15!
3. You have to change your eating habit -
eat sea foods, nuts, seeds, soy products, fresh vegetables and fruits.
And then, spend 2-3 hours in exercise every day.
Stay away from porn and adult materials.

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