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Case Study - >(unedited)
Reader: 5/28/1998>

I have read many of your suggestions and methods. I would definatly like to try them as I have found it difficult and very time consuming to help my wife reach orgasm. (about an hour of stimulation with my tongue and fingers and after with my penis). It just seems to take so long for her to relax and 'warm-up'. The 'plier method' sounds like a winner. Despite having read all the material you have on it (on the web), and seeing the little diagram that you have regarding it, I still don't understand what it is I need to do. When you say 'between the two walls', I really confuses me. Please help me understand this method and bring my wife to orgasm more often and quicker. Thankyou!!!.

Dr. Lin: 5/29/1998>

Your problem is: Foreplay too long!
Your erection goes limp and her engorgement and lubrication dims for such a long foreplay, because both of you run out of the bioelectricity in your nervous system. No bioelectricity, no sexual response! The sexual sensors become numb and sexual motor nerves become underactivative!!!!! Your sex fire distinguishes. Your sympathetic nervous take over to execute "Flight" - Runaway, as shown in the attached file; Potentil.gif! The result: no enough penis power to excite her clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter. Of course, NO orgasm.
The Finger Pilers Method is a winner, Naturally, because the finger pliers does not have such problems. It always very HARD!
Referring to the graphic file: Stage.gif,
I would like to give your some ideas about the duration of each intercourse stage, that help your parasympathetic nervous system to support the engorgement, erection and lubrication of sex organs.
I suggest:
1. Warmup - 5-15 minutes - Function: initiation of the vagina lubrication and the penis erection;
2. Softdrive - 5-15 minutes - Function: expanding the vagina to 120% and having a full, natural erection;
3. Harddrive - 5-15 minutes - Function: powering up the penis to 120%-140% with her sexual energy near the Epicenter;
4. Multiple Orgasms (I) - 1 minute - Function: making her come, the 1st sequence of mutiple orgasms, and peaking up the penis to an extreme;
5. Feedback and Harddrive - 6-10 minutes - Function: Promoting the sexual energy circulation between two bodies with exotic kissing, and re-peaking her up again; 6. Multiple Orgasms (II) - 1 minute - Function: Empty her sexual energy to neutralize your sexual energy with an powerful ejaculation;
7. Afterplay and rest - 3-10 minutes - Function: Enjoying the Yang-Yin reunion.
I try to use certain terms to emphasize some special aspects. In particular, the location of the G-spot is hidden in the underlay of tissue. I use 'between the two walls' to bring your attention that the G-spot IS NOT on the surface of the vagina.
My methods emphasize the fact that the key sexual nervous terminals are located at the clitoris (underlay of tissue), G-spot and Epicenter, rather than on the surface of the Vagina Tube which is wire with the nervous fibers of the Sacral nerves. When you fore-play too long, the sacral nerves on the sex organs become numb and may be irritated too, resulting in intercourse pain!!!! She will lose a chance to Orgasm. The Finger Pliers can pinpoint the sexual nervous terminals and stimulate them to orgasm without producing much pain on the vagina.
As long as the the vagina orifice is well-lubricated, the Finger Pliers will produce more pleasure than the penis. However, the Vagina orifice and the clitoris must be lubricated to prevent irritation of the sacral nerves.

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