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Case Study - Practice Sexual ChiKong to benefit your body from sexual orgasm
Reader: 6/11/2000>
If I learn Chi Kong and never ejaculate will my sexual life force stay 
preserved till I die?

Doctor I just wont to say thanks for every thing you are an amzing person 
and the infomation you have given me will probabley help me for the rest of 
my life.
Dr. Lin: 6/13/2000>
If you don't use them, your sex organs will "die" much faster than your body. This is a natural self castration. It won't prolong the life span for monks or nuns; instead, it may shorten their life spans. 
This extreme practice will make sex organs shrink for both sexes. In addition, too much hormones trapped in the pelvic cavity will cause "pelvic congestion" that produces an irritation response in the brain and mind. Sexual orgasm can burn the excessive hormone in the pelvic tissues and let the pelvic blood circulation to do the dirty laundry for your pelvic tissues and hormonal receptors and to replenish them with nutrients, oxygen and free hormones. It also calms the mind and refresh the endocrine system - unlocking the hormonal negative feedback controller of the brain/endocrine function. If you refuse ejaculation for a long-term, your brain-testicular function will be locked up as a result of excessive testosterone or sperm in your body.
You have to use sex organs properly and make them erect or engorge frequently or daily, so that more hormones, oxygen and nutrients can keep them alive. We consider that sex organs are the major hormone storages because their tissues contains very dense hormone receptors. When hormones are burned with enzymes down there, sex organs become the bioelectric generator that charges the entire nervous system and the major acupuncture vessels that loop through the pelvic cavity. When sex organs generate sufficient bioenergy, you will become very well-being and want to have sex naturally.

However, if you abuse them too much, the tissues of the sex organs will be depleted out of hormones and nutrients, leading to another problems - weak erection or impotency. Your brain-adrenal-testicular function can not produce enough DHEA and testosterone for you to burn during overindulge sexual activities, and to recharge your body. This results in Sexual Exhaustion and shrinkage of sex organs. 

Optimal sex and sexual orgasm help your body replenish its self.
Sexual ChiKong is a technique to prolong intercourse and to power up the sexual organs (store the bioenergy in the sex organs for both sexes) so that the sexual energy can be built up in the pelvic area during intercourse for a powerful orgasm that sends the sexual energy back to the brain via the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel, instead of dissipation of the sexual energy as heat in the pelvic area. Without a powerful orgasm, intercourse may weaken your body, although it released the pelvic congestion and tension for men.

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