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Case Study - Rejuvenate the penis and vagina; Practice One ejaculation for her multiple sexual orgasm (s). 
Reader: 5/23/2000>
Iam a 35yr old male who use to make love to my wife for hours in which she come several tomes. Since we had children(3), she is increasingly taking longer to reach orgasm, and after I ejaculate- my penis reduce in size. This angers her very much since she claims that once I ejaculate, she doesn't feel the deep penetration(the pain) she needs to reach orgasm. She says when I am at full arousal, she feels a bit of a pain. Once I come and she doesn't feel this pain, she tries and tries, then gives up.

Before the child came(5 yrs ago), I could stay aroused for hours. She is used to this hence her frustration. I have also noticed that the children may have enlarge her vagina but I dare not say it.
Please recommend which one of your products would be best for my situation as described above as I cannot sort out which one will best help me.
1. Iam interested in your penile enlargement exercise.
2. Interested in maintaining long lasting erection.
3. Interested in making my wife's orgasm come much quicker with one of your products.

Dr. Lin: 5/24/2000>
What you described is the natural aging process. Don't blame each other.
For you, it is time to change the lovemaking strategy. Young men have a short refraction period to re-arm the penis for continuing lovemaking after ejaculating. 
From now on, you won't have a hard erection to give her "pain" after you ejaculate. This is the natural aging process of your liver and testicular functions. After ejaculating, you discharge the parasympathetic bioelectric energy that powers your erection. If your liver can not provide sufficient enzymes to instantly help your testicular function produce testosterone and burn it into bioenergy for recharging the parasympathetic battery. You will have a longer refraction. When your erection is weak, she feels nothing. You can rescue her with my Finger Plier Method which can trigger her level-7 orgasm if you can stimulate her Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter at the same time.
To shorten your refraction or make you last longer, you can take Endrua (30-40 day supply) or ViaPal-hGH-D (60-75 day supply for a young man like you). The best practice is "One ejaculation for her multiple orgasm." Don't practice multiple ejaculations for her one orgasm. You can no longer afford multiple ejaculations in one love session.
Her "pain" is a result of your striking on her cervix. You can avoid her intercourse pain by adopting a high attack angle to approach her vagina in any lovemaking position, so that your glans is griped by her Epicenter in the gap between her bladder and cervix, as shown in
where you can see the glans penis kiss the cervix in the middle graph of the resonant.jpg

She can increase her vaginal muscular griping strength with ViaGrowth-III or IV and Sexual ChiKong Intercourse as described in
These products also enhance her sexual and orgasm responses by erecting her clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and urethral spongy tissues, like a erecting penis embedded inside her vagina ceiling. Thus, her vagina becomes narrower (shortening the height). With her vaginal muscular strength and narrower vagina, you will feel her vaginal suction force on your penis during sex.
The vaginal suction force reaches a maximum when she contracts her low abdomen, vagina, and anus/tailbone muscle at the same time. This will make you come if you don't practice the Sexual ChiKong Breathing,
A combintaion of these products and sexual ChiKong Intercourse rejuvenates middle-age and senior women's vagina and orgasmic responses, stronger than young women's, despite of how many children women have. 

These products are listed as Items 1-004 (Viagrowth-III), 1-005 (ViaGrowth-IV), 3-006 and 3-012 in

You can get Item 3-012 for both of you. It is an one-month supply for both of you. 

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