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News updated:

Case Study - Redevelop the trigger spots for vaginal sexual orgasm, even after hysterectomy. 
Reader: 5/23/2000>
At last I have a sensitive lover who wants to please me in all ways.
He thinks I do not have a G-spot because I have never (as far
as I can remember) had a vaginal orgasm. He has tried to find
the G-spot but says he can not feel or sense it.

I have had some unsavory sexual experiences in the past, and'
also had a partial hysterectomy some 18 years ago. Is it possible
that I am incapable of responding in this way?

Thank you.

Dr. Lin: 5/23/2000>
Although you can not assume the partial hysterectomy to be responsible for the orgasmic dysfunction, the surgery has inevitably destroyed some hormone receptors in the Epicenter and Uterus. I means, the vagina and uterus tissues are the major hormone storage center - or the energy center. Testosterone stored in the tissues is burned with enzyme 5-alpha reductase to increase the sexual sensory and motor nerves that induce the engorgement of the Clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and the urethra spongy tissues and tinting up the vagina and uterus to signal the pituitary for a burst of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin that initiates the uterine/vaginal contraction.
If you have lost some of the testosterone receptors in the urethral spongy tissues as a result of a lack of the testosterone reservation in the vaginal/uterine tissues or the surgery destruction, you have to redevelop it like what bodybuilders have done in the muscular tissues. In this way, you can develop the G-spot nerve and sensitivity. 
To achieve this, you need
1. ViaPal-hGH-D (60 day supply for women) to relink the communication between the brain and uterus and vagina nerves and to erect the clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and urethral tissues like a powered-up penis.
Note that ViaGrowth-IV of ViaPal-hGH products is the brain's healing power generator which has ability to repair the damaged nerves due to surgery, drug/alcohol/cigarette abuses, medication overdose, and birth control pill/injection. This products can help regulate heart rate and blood pressure, and work as antidepressant too. 

2. Frequent vaginal massage with my Finger Plier Method from 10 to 2 o'clock positions - Our experiments show that women can develop power orgasmic responses at a new location around the urethral spongy tissue in a short times with this method and ViaPal-hGH-D. Don't assume the trigger point is the G-spot. Any points around the 10-2 o'clock positions in the entire vagina can be developed as orgasmic trigger points by this vaginal massage method. 

3. Vaginal muscular exercise by periodic contraction of the vaginal and tailbone muscles with a deep breathing (inhaling while contracting the low abdomen, vagina and tailbone muscles - do it several times a day whenever you have a chance, particularly during sex.

Recently, we have found that orgasmic responses can be initiated by  stimulating the Lliohypogastric and Llioinguinal nerves of the Lumber Plexus L1 and the Genitofemoral nerves of L2 at 10-11 or 1-2 o'clock positions in either side of the G-spot, and the orgasmic energy can be radiated into the feet along via the Femoral Nerves of L2-L4, in addition to the Conception and Governing Vessel (spinal cord) along the central line of the front and back body respectively. 
So, you can develop orgasmic responses in many spots inside the vagina, just in case that some never in certain spots have been damaged. 


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