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Case Study - 4-point Excitation Method for female multiple sexual orgasms. How? 
Reader: 5/19/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,
Hello, I was Married for 18 years prior, and Doug was married for 14 years prior, Neither of us had experienced the levels of intensity that I am about to explain, but I have a question pertaining to a different type of orgasm that we have discovered, that is not listed Anywhere in what we have read from your writings so far,so hoping that you can help... We have read your 3 types of orgasms, as well as the 7 levels of Sexual Orgasm for women... we are very much past the level 7 having Multiple orgasms, We are very much in rhythm with one another. but We have found that I get an even greater intensity level analy when Doug has manipulated the epicenter, clitoral,G-spot. He has done this ALL orally. using his tongue and suction manipulation clitorally, the scissor motion vaginally, reaching almost to the epicenter, (depending on my position)and also using the scissor motion anally. We have given a new meaning to rubber sheets...I have repeatedly attained multiple vaginal/uteral flooding orgasms, that are so intense it leaves me almost to the point of passing out, and it seems to take a while to recover afterwards, You dont mention anywhere (that we have found so far)on this Topic. (anal) Doug was so fascinated about discovering that a woman can have a Wet Orgasm that we started browsing the net to learn more about it, and found your site... We both do ballooning technique, mine to tighten, his as illustrated in some of your links. We would like to Become research patients because we are experiencing intensitiy levels beyond Your level seven almost everytime we make love, which is usually every morning before work, and then repeatedly on Fridays and saturdays. (anytime of the day) during the workweek, we mainly stay with cuddling and lite 4-play... But please respond to the Anal part of my email... Do we actually have a G-spot rectally, and how has that been able to intensify ALL of our levels... thank you,

Dr. Lin: 5/19/2000>
What your orgasmic response is an combination of Clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and Tailbone Orgasms.
Since I have practiced male multiple orgasms without ejaculation with periodic tailbone muscle contraction during sex, that is, my anal breathing method, I know how powerful the tailbone orgasm is.  
This type of orgasm send the orgasmic contraction waves into the spinal cord, running up to the brain.
I feel I get an electric shake from my anal/tailbone muscle.

Women can do the same practice with my Tai-Chi Yang-Kong breathing, as described in
Therefore, I have encouraged Hysterectomized women to develop this type of tailbone orgasm for increasing (inducing) the vaginal orgasmic response, as described in
To create the hybrid orgasm as you have experienced, it requires a simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and anal/tailbone muscle (through the anus).
That means, in addition to the clitoral stimulation, it also requires a simultaneous penetration of the Vagina (for the stimulation of the G-spot and Epicenter) and anus (for stimulation of the anal/tailbone muscle).
If a woman can experience vaginal/uterine orgasms, she will naturally get this type of hybrid orgasms when her anal tailbone stimulation is imposed in conjunction with the 3-point Excitation Method at the same time. 
We can call it the 4-point Excitation Method. 
The problem is, it is very difficulty to perform the 4-point Excitation by intercourse with one to one, unless you have a vibrator stimulating your clitoris, the penis (or a vibrator) acting on your G-spot and Epicenter, and a vibrator (or another penis) penetrating your anus for your tailbone muscle stimulation.
Otherwise, One has to use one finger in one hand or the tongue to stimulate the clitoris and another Finger scissors or pliers to stimulate the G-spot/Epicenter and Anal/ Tailbone muscle through anus. Of course, you can use my Finger Plier Method with the anal/tailbone muscle with a vibrator penetrating the anus. 
With the 4-point Excitation method, the woman will experience the orgasmic waves run up to the brain via both the Conception and Governing Vessel, along the central line of the front and back body, simultaneously, as shown in

This will drive women to seizure or  black-out orgasms which may be beyond the limitation of the brain and nervous system.  

We don't encourage this practice. It may also be easy for women to break the local tissues in the anus/rectum and to get infection. 
So, we have introduced our 3-point excitation method for Level-7 orgasms.
Our main purpose is to help loving couples to enjoy orgasm like us.  We are fully aware that combining the 3-point Excitation with the tailbone muscular vibration practice, as described in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/male.htm, can produce the most powerful orgasmic contractions that send the sexual energy into both the Conception and Governing Vessels, converging in the brain and the head-top energy center GV-20, Pai-Hui. The two orgasmic wave trains, one along the Conception Vessel and another along the Governing Vessel / the spinal cord will collide in the brain! Boy, the brain will be full of breaking waves and become a surf zone!

Well, we can add Level supper-7 orgasm in our orgasm classification and a new method called 4-point Excitation Method to our sexual technologies. However,  we don't consider this 4-point Excitation Method is the Tao of Love unless the tailbone muscle is naturally stimulated by the Sexual ChiKong Breathing  or  the Anal Breathing Method,   without penetration.  In addition, there is a difficulty in the sexual energy exchange between the lovemaking couple.  A large amount of the female sexual energy will be send back to her spinal cord rather than his glans penis.  Here, the sexual energy exchange between two bodies is important for the male to repower his body after ejaculating.  It is also essential for the oneness of the two bodies and souls. Otherwise, the male will become sexual exhausted after ejaculating. It somewhat over-emphasizes the female physical pleasure by demeaning the female body (what ?) when we image that each hole in the female bottom must be plugged in with an object.  


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