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Case Study - Contraception method, and low-level sexual orgasm with chilly feeling, why?.
Reader: 5/18/2000>
I have some sex questions here:
1.Everytime before sex, my girlfriend ask me to use condom,but I really hate it.So I went to drugstore looking for some vaginal contraceptive for her.She didn't refuse but she doubt about its protective performance and she wasn't sure how to use it,please guide me,Dr.Lin.And I also wanna know when is the safest time to sex without protecion(excludes her period duration). 

2.During sex,she usually has lot of mucus from her vagina.She didn't spoke out during sex like I saw from some adult video,but her vagina will contract(at least 3 times),breathe faster than normal,and sometimes her wholebody will slightly shake like getting shock from electricity.I really confuse about did she has orgasm or not?Because she didn't say any words that tell me she has one.

3.Everytime after sex,I will ask her did you has orgasm? She just say It was nice.This answer really confuse me.And I asked her why your body was shaking and she told becuse I was cold.Oh,my godness,I really don't think that's possible because I know that when we sex, her body was warm.Dr.Lin, was she lying to me for pretending she didn't has orgasm??

Dr. Lin: 5/19/2000>
1. She must have a regular menstrual cycle with a uncertainty of no more than 3 days. The ovulation day is about the middle of her menstrual cycle, for example the 14-th or 15-th day after the beginning of her period in a 29-day cycle. 
Three days before and after the ovulation day are considered the conceptive period that requires double protection with condom and contraceptive jelly (water based).
If her menstrual cycle is varying too much, saying 3 days, you have to add 2 more days to the conceptive period, one day before and after. 
The type example is given in
Which is an example of 29-day cycle.
Generally speaking, you should consider use Contraceptive Jelly 5 days before and after her perspective ovulation, and have a double protection in the conceptive period.
Please be aware that Medication drugs and emotional stress will affect her periods.
Mucus becomes thicker and heavy in her Luteal Phase (high temperature period).

2. She has experienced weak orgasm, about Levels 1-2, which is mainly induced the contraction of the outer vaginal muscle, not the uterus.
It is very normal for the Young woman to experience low level orgasms since estrogen (like cooling water in your car engine) in the young women's uterus is out-weighting testosterone (like the fuel in your car engine). The most responsive age for women to have high level orgasms is around age 35-45 when testosterone and estrogen in the uterine hormone receptors are well-balanced. 
3. When her body is weak, she will have geese bumps or "cool" sweating upon orgasm. It is a chilly feeling in her brain, although she feel the heat wave radiated from her pelvic floor! This is because her uterus doesn't have sufficient testosterone to burn to super charge her uterine contractile fibers and her brain's sympathetic function, although the hormone receptors in the urethral spongy tissues and G-spot gets sufficient testosterone to burn for breaking her orgasmic barrier. 
Her body shaking and heavy breathing should have a period of 0.8 second. 
The orgasm by driven Uterine contractile is much more heavier than the low level orgasm 

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