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Case Study - Over-masturbation, weak erection, premature ejaculation and sexual orgasm
Reader: 5/12/2000>
Hi Mr. Lin
I was searching all the website for my problem and I found 
your site is most interesting. You have discussed most of the problen
related to sex in your website, so its definitely looks 

But I also have some problem the word is "Over Masturbation".
I am a 27 year old guy and I started masturbating from 18-19
year of age. Its started as curiosity and finally it was become
my compulsion. Most of the time I used do without proper erection.
I aften enjoyed ejeculation so I never bother about errection.
So suddenly (6 to 7 ) months back I started getting weak errection
and problem started . I met a doctor who specialzed in accupuncture
and Self-Hypnosis methods. He advice me not take any medicine
did accupucture treatment (some needle running near my penis
base ) and did hypnosis. This treatment continued and for 4 to 5
months and I felt mentally better and he could remove some of my
guilt feeling and fears etc. But the problem for which I went
there remained. i.e weak errection and less sexual aroual. He
said it will become OK and he said its Phsycological. But I
wonder even I when I menatlly relax still I am getting weaker
errection . What is the remedy for it ? I also know that in
morning when I woke up I do get some errection . But when
I try to masturbate I get weaker errection and cannot hold
on complete my errection ? what could be the problem ?
At present my problem is this.

1. I don't get sexual arousal as I used get earlier.
Is it the problem with over masturbation or is
it the problem that I am not enjoying sexual response
( as said by my doctor )

2. How do you draw distinction between Phsycological &
physical ?

I am planning to try your herbal medicine for remedy .
Would you please reply to this mail and suggest something
Can I 100% curable ? If I take some medicine is there any
side effects ?

Pl help. 
Dr. Lin: 5/15/2000>
Over-Masturbation has weakened your parasympathetic charging system, resulting in insufficient Yin or bioelectricity (brain's acetylcholine action) in support of the endocrine/liver/cardiovascular functions which requires a lot of bioenergy from the parasympathetic resting potential (voltage). Erection is a result of the bioelectric energy stored into the prostate/penile bioelectric cells (nervous cells and hormone receptors). It requires a burst of brain-testicular function to support erection during sex.
Your acupuncture doctor attempted to revive your penile erection by a bio-electro-mechanical stimulation of your Conception (The Sea of Yin Chi), Liver and Kidney Vessels, like what I use to power up or balloon the penis as described in
The problem is, you must have a natural (spontaneous) erection in the first place. The bio-electro-mechanical stimulation has a very limited effect if the brain's parasympathetic function (acetylcholine action - the Yin Chi) is too weak. That is why there are Chinese herbal medicines!
Over-masturbation kills the recharging ability of the Yin Chi in the parasympathetic system, and overload the stress hormone adrenalin and the super-potent hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the prostate hormone receptors. 
When your Yin is insufficient, your Yang Chi (the brain's Dopamine-nonadrenalin action) becomes too weak to support your activities. The symptom of weak Yin includes weak erection, chronic fatigue, night sweating, buzzing ears, blur vision (sensitive to sun light), scattered mind, low-back pain, premature ejaculation, weak cardiovascular function and so on.
You can take ViaGrowth-II/Fibra and Ginseng Power Max 4x to slowly cure the problem.
And then use 50% dosage of ViaGrowth-IV to boost your body in 2 or 3 days.
Or, you can alternate ViaGrowth-II with ViaGrowth-IV to boost your body function in a week.
This problem is curable.
Our products are well-balanced formulas that produce no side effect.

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