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Case Study - Over-trimmed foreskin, lightheadedness, weak erection, premature ejaculation and sexual orgasm
Reader: 5/12/2000>
I am currently a 29 year old man. 2 years ago I went to the urologist 
regarding circumcision, because the penis head was slightly 
bent dowward instead of straight or slightly upward. The urethral
opening was alo widening up(with pressure on frenulum/head-
- I assumed) and the glans in the (very) long foreskin will 
swell a a little bit after rigorous stimulation. I have only 
had intercourse a couple of times and women used call me big
( big and long).

The doctor vaguely explained the pros/cons of circumcision and I got circumcision. 
He cut a skin of more than 1 inch in length and about 0.27cm in thickness in certain 
areas. Needless to say, my dick got small; it seems as if 
my dick lost about 2 inches in length and and almost 2 in in girth in girth (especially slightly below the head). 
Now I am about 6 1/2 to 7 in in length and 5 1/2 in in girth. 

I haven't been with a woman since then but through masturbation,
I notice the decrease in size. On the overall, my balls seem
to be slightly further up during simulation. I pee more,
the urethral opening is still widening and these days 
I tend to get lightheaded often. The ligthheaded is probably due 
to other factors considering my overall health has been bad
in the last year. 

My penile hardness is weaker, I have more preejaculatory fluid, 
ejacalutate too quickly with much thicker fluid and low trajectory. 
These days, I also feel weaker and this sometimes induces a slight 
lightheadedness. I expel preejaculatory fluid easily (just
thinking without a complete hard on). I also expel semen in 
my sleep without dreams. 

How can you help? I assume that i need to get a good girlfriend
and slow down on masturbation/sex considering my health is
not too good. Is there anything else that you would recommend?
If lightheadedness is due in part sexual overstimulation,are there 
any special foods/herbs to remedy the problem?

Thank you!
Dr. Lin: 5/15/2000>
Oop! Your foreskin is overtrimmed. A lot of over-circumcised penises causes male sexual dysfunctions such as development of scar-like tissues in the glans, shortening and submerging the penile shaft due to the insufficient foreskin for penile expansion, and premature ejaculation resulting from reaction pressures against the prostate by the submerged penile shaft.
I have lost 0.5" myself after my foreskin was trimmed in 1993 when my immunity was very weak. My wife told me that she missed the extra pleasures produced by my extra foreskin rolling on her G-spot. I also regret to trim the tiny 0.5" foreskin away.
You have no much foreskin left for your penis to stretch outside, so that your penis stretches inside against your prostate. This extra pressure due to penile erection will stimulate your Cowper's glands to produce a lot of precum fluid and to squeeze your prostate for urinary and ejaculation urgency.
It obviously makes the prostate sympathetic nerves more active over the prostate parasympathetic nerves that calms the prostate for both the urinary and ejaculation control. 
Lightheadedness is a sign of the weak parasympathetic nervous function due to the insufficient acetylcholine action in the brain, which is termed as deficiency Yin in the Chinese medical concept.
Weak acetylcholine action also cause weak erection or impotence. For this reason, we have developed a fast action nutrition formula that can power the parasympathetic function for generation of healing power in 2 or 3 days.
To help to strength the prostate function for urinary and ejaculation control and to reduce the prostate stress exerted by the penile shaft, you should take ViaGrowth-IV with Ginseng Power Max 4x. This formula will also make your foreskin become more elastic and flexible for penile expansion.
You also have to practice the Penile Ballooning Method to stretch your foreskin to make your penis longer and bigger. These products are Items 1-005 and 2-007 in
You should take no more than 50% of the suggested dosage.

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