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Case Study - Action of Saw Palmetto, DHT,  5-alpha reductase, erection and sexual orgasm
Reader: 5/4/2000>
Thank you very much for your time. I think I will order ViaGrowth-IV. I 
just have one question left. During the last month I have been taking "Saw 
Palmetto, two 160 mg capsules a day(Minimum 85% fatty Acids(136mg), 1.5% 
Sterols(2.4mg) ). I use it to prevent hair loss. But what saw palmetto does, 
if I'm not wrong, is to block the enzyme 5-alpha reductase production!!!!, 
preventing testosterone convertion into dihydrotestosterne. So I guess I'll 
need to stop using it. What do you think?

Again, thank you so much for your help.

Dr. Lin: 5/8/2000>
What Saw Palmetto does are to disbind DHT ( Estradiol and Testosterone (?) too!)  from the hormonal receptors in the tissues, to block DHT from the receptors (about 40%!),  and to block (or suppress) the unwanted biological (growth) response of the tissues to the stimulation of DHT and Estradiol (the most potent estrogen).  
Plant Sterols (plant hormones or plant estrogen ) will replace excessive DHT (and Estradiol) from the hormonal receptors to achieve shrinking prostate and preventing hair loss. The disbound DHT (and Estradiol) will be excreted with urine and sweat. They are good for women too!
It is not 5-alpha reductase, but the binding of DHT to the hormonal receptor site and the poor local blood circulation, causing the prostate or hair loss problem.  Does the blood congestion (termed as  Fibromyalgia in the medical society) trap too much DHT, Estradiol, Prolactin and other metabolic wastes or poisons cause the prostate (uterine/ ovarian) and hair-loss problem?  It is well-known that blood-circulation down there is not so great.  On the other hand, on the top of our head, the tissue layer is so thin that the blood circulation fully relies on capillaries.  With a diet loaded with saturated fat in the fast food society,  the blood becomes very thick and the arteries and capillaries are gradually clogged. The hair follicle gradually lose the essential nutrients for re-growth,  but is gradually bathed in the over-concentrated DHT or Estradiol.  The fast-food generation will lose the hair faster than the old generation with less fatty foods. In particular, the meats are also polluted by the mimics of growth hormones,  which is not natural in the human body.  Red meat tissues trap more blood (the cooked meat turns to a dark-brown or black color) and artificial growth hormones  than any others.  The continuous intake of artificial growth hormones with red meat causes more health problems than hair loss and the cancerous or tumor developments in the prostate, breast, uterus and ovaries..  They are bound into the hormone receptors, resulting in unwanted biological responses from the tissues.  They make tissues and bones grow faster but age faster and produce rough skins and dark marks.  The grown bones become hollower ( with less density for future osteoporosis!)  and weaker than that under the diet with beans/nuts/seeds.

From the aging of the prostate and uterus where the hormone receptors are densest in the body, we can see our problems associated hair loss.  Take the prostate as an example. The prostate tissues contains the densest hormone receptors in the male body. That is, the prostate is the hormone burner, the power house.  Sexual excitement and intercourse will burn a lot of hormone into DHT down there.  So, where does the smoke go? If there is nowhere to go due to the poor blood circulation, what do the local cells respond to the overloaded wastes and poisons?  Well, excessive DHT is considered as a poison too.  The same thing happens in the female body with excessive estradiol when the body is loaded with tons of birth control pills since adolescence.

The fact is, our body produces maximum amount of 5-alpha reductase at age 13-20. Without 5-alpha reductase to convert testosterone into DHT, the penis won't grow. Please read 
Chapter 10 Male Reproductive Function" by James E. Griffin, in 'Textbook of Endocrine Physiology', edited by J.E. Griffin, and S.R. Ojeda, Oxford University Press, 1996.
During our adolescence, our liver is very powerful to synthesize 5-alpha reductase, but only a small amount of Aromatase, and there is no hair loss and no prostate problem during that years. With the body full of testosterone and 5-alpha reductase during that period, our body produce the maximum amount of DHT in our life. Our health condition reaches the peak around our 20.  In addition,  the action of testosterone/DHT and estrogen on organs and tissues is well-balanced in the body.   On the other hand, when the production of 5-alpha reductase reduces, when the production of Aromatase (and Estradiol)  increases, and when the endocrine function produces less testosterone and DHT after 30, men start to experience hair loss and prostate problem.  What's wrong with this picture?  It seems somebody in the body won't do dirt laundry and housekeeping! Chronic health problems associated with Fibromyalgia starts to show up after 30, as discussed in http://www.actionlove.com/love/massage.htm .
Furthermore, any prostate drugs or Hair Re-growth drugs blocking the production of 5-alpha reductase will weaken erection and may result in impotence.
Note: Excessive Estradiol will also result in hair loss and prostate enlargement! You can see a lot of over-weighted "big" men with bald head. The big men's body converts a large amount of testosterone into Estradiol with enzyme Aromatase, rather than into DHT with 5-alpha reductase. 

Obviously, one of the most important jobs for healthy hair, prostate, uterus, breast, ovaries is to disbind the unwanted or excessive hormones (or wastes) from tissues. Some bodies have to do the dirty laundry and house cleaning.  

ViaGrowth-IV has packed more and wider-range plant sterols than other products to use testosterone/DHT to power sexual erection and engorgement and to disbind them from the hormonal receptors after sex. One of the most important feature of this products is to stop the testosterone-to-estrogen (Estradiol) conversion - with aromatase inhibitors. Please read http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8937.htm
The principle of disbinding the testosterone and DHT after sex  is given in
You can read these ingredients under "Harmonizing Herb Extract Blend" in
Isoflavones in the ingredients is to prevent over-stimulation of estrogen and DHT on prostate, cervic, or breast hormonal receptors, as well as a liver enhancer when teaming with Zinc. About 30% of the ViaGrowth-IV's ingredients is to power the liver function for enzyme production and dirty laundry (naturally including the house cleaning for the prostate, uterus, breasts and ovaries!). It produces smelly, odor, colorful urine like the discharge from your dirty laundry! Clean up your body and you will feel very energetic and much younger, 10-15 years.  

Other factors causing hair thinning and baldness are: Stressors (including acutely High Fever, surgery, emotional trauma, drugs (excessive Vitamin A, Antidepressants, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and so on), protein deficiency, lactation, stress (excessive stress hormone adrenalin) or genetic factors.  

Postscripts: Optimizing DHT and testosterone has been used to cure the prostate enlargement - The best solution is to have aromatase inhibitors and liver enhancers to optimize the testosterone-estrogen ratio and DHT-estrogen ratio, and the sufficient amounts of plant sterols to free testosterone, DHT and estradiol from hormone receptors and to prevent their permanent/excessive binding and the excessive biological responses from local tissues, that is, what we need is the healing power exerted by the androgens like what they have done for us when we were young!.

- Testosterone/androgen solution for prostate enlargement
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- Optimizing the testosterone level in aged men causes no problem:
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- The following authors/researches have claimed DHT (dihydrotestosterone ) won't  cause prostate enlargement (In fact,  Dr.  Lignieres uses DHT to solve the prostate enlargement with the principle: balancing DHT to Estradiol ratio in aging or aged men !) -1. de Lignieres B. "Transdermal dihydrotestosterone treatment of 'andropause'." Ann. Med., 1993;25:235-241.
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