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Case Study - Why Medication/streets drugs and Birth Control Pill can disable sexual orgasm - the brain/nervous, liver, adrenal and ovarian (or  testicular) functions?
Reader: 5/4/2000>
Hello, my name is Matt and i am having trouble making my mate orgasm. She has never had an orgasm even with previous boyfriends. I on the otherhand have made every other partner i have had reach climax. I was hoping you could give me a few pointers on how to help her reach orgasm. I have tried almost everything but i havent gone to such extremes as using toys or anything like that. Her complaint or stopping point is that it starts to hurt. She says it is like a chaffing effect. I want desperately to find out what the problem is, whether it is me, she is climaxing unknowingly, or if she just is not able to climax. She is taking birth control for health reasons and some other medication for her stomach but i dont think that is what is causing it. I hope that you will be able to help me because i am stumped on this one otherwise i wouldnt be writing you this email. Thank you for your time and i am looking forward to reading your response.

Dr. Lin: 5/8/2000>
It is her medication and pill that cause her sexual dysfunction.
The pill is the most effective one to kill her orgasmic capacity.
Birth control pill overloads and slows down the liver function that produce enzymes for the testosterone synthesis from diet, the burning and burst of testosterone into dihydrotsetosterone (DHT), and the synthesis of engorgement mediator Nitric Oxide(NO) and arterial dilator cGMP, and that increases the testosterone-to-estrogen conversion by the enzyme Aromatase. Excessive estrogen in her body sets off the Hormonal Negative Feedback Control Loop in the brain-ovarian function and deactivates the ovarian function for testosterone production. When the testosterone level runs low and the liver function slows down, the synthesis of the parasympathetic neurotransmitter Acetylcholine will become insufficient. Acetylcholine (ACh)is the bio-electro-chemical for the brain's parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves to communicate with organs. The sexual engorgement or erection is the parasympathetic charge of the bioelectric energy in the sexual organs; sexual orgasm is the sympathetic discharge of the bioelectric energy from the sexual orgasm. The ACh bioelectric circuit to all the organs provides the DC potential (biased voltage) for the organs to function properly, like an electronic circuit. When the DC bioenergy stores into sexual organs, they are actuated to erect or engorge. The DC bioelectric energy can be forced to store in the sexual organs by the erectile drugs or herbals. This will deplete the DC biased energy for other organs to operate, resulting in side effects of the erectile drugs/herbals, such as blue version, heart racing, ear buzzing, and so on.
When there is insufficient bioelectric energy in the adrenal glands and ovaries (testes for men), the production of DHEA by the adrenal function and the production of tsetsoterone by the ovarian (testicular) function will become insufficient. Furthermore, with the sufficient bioelectric bioenergy, the liver will produce less "good" enzymes and more "bad" enzymes. 
In the female body, there is 25% of the total testosterone produced by the ovarian function, 25% by the adrenal function, and 50% by the conversion from DHEA and androstenedione in the tissues, skin and other organs, with enzymes 3-beta-hydroxysteriod dehydrogenase and 17-beta-hydroxysteriod dehydrogenase.

During sexual encounter, no testosterone to burn and no NO and cGMP to erect her urethral spongy tissues/clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter(the female prostate) and to tent up her uterus, no orgasm. 
This is the most typical sexual dysfunction for men and women.
The reason she want you to stop sexual stimulation is, she runs out of fuel - testosterone, NO and cGMP, and she feels frictional pain and irritation. If she has sufficient testosterone to burn and enough ACh to power the brain's parasympathetic function and to assist the sympathetic function, her nerves - sexual sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic - will continuously get charged by the sexual stimulation and the uterus and urethra spongy tissues will continuously expand to stimulate the Epicenter's Orgasmic Pacemaker to signal the brain/pituitary for a burst of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin which triggers the uterine/vaginal contraction - Sexual Orgasm.

Heat Tea, ViaGowth-III or ViaGrowth-IV can help her out. Since she is very young, ViaGrowth-III will be sufficient. 

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