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Case Study - He experienced penile ballooning; DHT ;  solutions for erection, hair re-growth,  Prostate Enlargement, and sexual orgasm.  
Reader: 5/1/2000>
dear dr. lin
I recently came upon your web site and am very impressed. I tried your
recommended practice for balooning of the penis and in just a few days
it became clear to me how effective it can be. i found out that i can
control my staying power more easily and can actually increase the
hardness of the penis during intercourse by concentrating on the angle
and tightening the tail muscle. my next chalange now is to give my wife
repeated orgasms. until now (for 18 years), she is fully satisfied with
a single orgasm that she can only achieve by her manually manipulating
her clitoris while i am penetrating her. my penis have always been at
the 4 o'clock position, ever since puberty. i have masterbated a lot for
many years until very recently. and i would not always get a very strong
erection. but that position ( 4 o'clock) always seamed to me to be
related to the shape of the penis rather than to the streangth of the
erection, because even when very excited, i never had it higher than 3
o'clock. do you think i can change that?
i actually reached your site upon searching for info regarding DHT. i am
attempting to reverse my hair loss. from my reading i know that DHT
attching itself to hair folicles is implicated with stopping the hair
from growing. i have been taking saw palmetto for three months now and
have noticed new hairs grow in bald areas. if i take your viagrowth
which is increasing the DHT levels in the blood, won't i get a reverse
action on my hair follicles?. incidentally, saw palmetto does not
actually reduce T or DHT levels in the blood, rather it competes with
the DHT at the receptor (prostate, hair follicle,etc.) to prevent DHT
binding. what's your opinion?.
i ordered the CD and am anxiosly waiting for it.

Dr. Lin: 5/2/2000>

Thank you for your order of the CD_ROM. 
Glad to hear that you have experienced the Penile Ballooning effect!
To make the erection angle higher, you need more erection power and
should increase the strength of the penile suspension muscle in the
penile footing as shown in
The erection power requires a high level of DHT in the penile tissue and
a high level of arterial dilator cGMP (cycle GMP) in the arterial smooth
muscle. DHT is a super-potent hormone derived from the burning of
testosterone with the liver P450 enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Without DHT,
the erected penis won't expand beyond the natural erection. In fact, in
our pre-orgasm stage of lovemaking, DHT expands the tissues in the
pelvic floor/cavity (particularly, the muscles in/around the
prostate/vagina/cervix/uterus) to an extreme that triggers the
brain/pituitary to produce a burst of the Orgasm Hormone Oxytocin to
initiate orgasmic contraction in the autorhythmic fibers for pacing the
contractile fibers in the pelvic floor/cavity. That is, in the
pre-orgasm stage, excessive binding of DHT to the penile/prostate
hormonal receptors expand the penile/prostate tissues, the temporary
enlargement upon the moment of about-to-ejaculate! If the excessive DHT
is trapped in the prostate and its surrounding muscle, you will
experience prostate pain or feel uncomfortable down there. If the
excessive DHT is accumulated in tissues from every sexual activity, you
will experience Hair Loss and prostate enlargement.
But, you can not have a powerful orgasm without DHT. Any medication for
blocking the production of 5-alpha reductase will result in sexual
dysfunction for men and women. Prostate Drugs, Hair ReGrowth Drugs and
any medicines overloading the liver P450 function will result in weak
erection, impotency and frigidity. So, what is the solution?

The trick is to disbind DHT from the tissues everywhere after orgasm and
excret out of the body with sweat or urine. Our urine after orgasm
contains an extremely high level of DHT!  Let's drain it out after using it for our orgasms!
All the plant steroids (hormone) can help to play this trick.
Saw palmetto, Isoflavones (plant estrogen), grape seeds, Pygenum, Nettle,
Fo-ti (Ho Shou Wu), Ginseng, Soy proteins,...and so on, can disbind
Estradiol, DHT and testosterone from the hormonal receptors everywhere,
shrink the prostate enlargement, reverse the cancer and tumor
development, stop hair loss, and help regrow the hair.
According a Japanese study published in the beginning of this year,
Grape Seed Extract can regrow hair on the old, bald mice.
Our internal study shows the plant steriods with the brain/nervous/liver
nutrients can slow down aging up to 20 years. We call it "Grow new
sprouts on the old bald trees." 
My Formula ViaPal-hGH-D or -X is formulated for this purpose too, based
upon a thousand-years old Chinese Emperor and Empress formula. These
formulas contains all the essential ingredients of the plant steriods
ViaGrowth-IV, the major part of ViaPal-hGH-D or -X contains 25 mg grape
seed extract.
You can increase the grape seed intake by taking 100 mg grape extract to
make your hair grow faster with your current Saw Palmetto intake.
ViaPal-hGH-D or -X is Item 3-012 or 3-009 as listed in

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