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News updated:

Case Study - Dr. Lin's formulas have helped the drug abuser restore health, erection and sexual orgasm.  
Reader: 5/1/2000>
I have been taking your ViaGrowth II & III with Ginseng PowerMax 4X + Fibra Teas as per you recommendation. I also bought a bottle of Paragon.
My penis was unhealthily colored and rigid (even when it was not erect it would not go completely soft), the skin was dry and the tip was insensitive. I would not get an erection from either mental, visual, or physical sexual stimuli.
Since taking these products, the only problems I have are the inability to get an erection (although in the morning when I wake up I usually have a rock hard erection -- which I never did have since these problems started), but I can get one now with some physical stimulation to the penis -- sufficient enough to penetrate a woman, but not necessarily rock hard. I reach orgasm quickly if I don't hold back. Sometimes my testicles feel tight against my body which pushes my penis forward and makes me look like I have a "weak erection" when walking around -- but actually i'm not erect at all. My protate also feels a little tight when this happens and when I simulate my penis (which is the only way for me to get an erection), and when I get an erection I can feel that something is wrong at the base of my penis (it doesn't hurt or dishcarge or anything) and I think its my prostate because I can feel my urethra curve outwards of my shaft at this point underneath the base of my penis. My penis does not power up all the way behind the base as much as my erection (underneath & behind the base doesn't feel as "hard" as the penis itself -- my penis doesn't power up all the way into my body only where it comes out from my body does it feel really hard).
About 4 months before these problems started I had Jaundice (yellow skin) and was treated in Mexico for Hepatits A and was hospitalised for 2-3 days and got better, but the doctors in America when I went on vacation said that they found no Hepatitis A anitbodies (which means that I never had Hepatitis A).
I have been Smoking Marijuana regularly for about a year and a half before these problems started and for the past five months now I have cut down my use of this drug alot. 1 week ago I've gathered the will and decided to quit using it altogether.
I am a drinker but I only drink on Friday nights, Saturday & Sunday. I usually drink about 3-5 beers for the day -- l I don't usually drink hard liquor because I don't like it. Since I stopped Marijuana I drink to relax and have fun with my friends (I used to drink and smoke Marijuana).
I used to smoke ciggarrettes when I was offered sometimes (I would ot buy them though) and have decided to stop smoking also.
Your products and the ancient knowledge of the Human Body, especially the Endocrine and Nervous Systems have helped my problems alot as well as helping me to quit my bad habbits.
I feel so much better now both physically & mentally which is why I was able to achieve all of these things.
I think my body is not producing enough Testosterone because I don't have a sex drive and can't get an erection without touching my penis. I think that's why my prostate and testicles are behaving so erratic. Do you think this could be the problem? Why can I do to train my body to produce more testosterone if this is the problem?
I've heard that since I stopped using and since I used to be a heavy user -- it will take about 1 year for my problems to completely go away is this true? Is there anything that can speed up my body's purifying and reparing process?
I have heard of your complete Endocrine Powering System called ViaPal. Is this good for me (I just turned 19 years of age in March)?

Dr. Lin: 5/2/2000>
Glad to hear your great improvement! Now, you have to move the next step to restore more your brain and liver functions. You need ViaPal-hGH-D with a little L-Tyrisone (20-50 mg a day) to power your brain's dopamine system without increasing the production of stress hormone adrenaline by reducing the production of enzyme Phenylethanolamine N-Methyltransferase by your liver function. Increasing the dopamine-nonadrenalin (norepinephrine) action will reduce the activity of your brain's Chemical Rewarding Center. Gradually, you will kick out these bad habits and drug dependency. And, at the same time, stop the destruction of the Acetylcholine and hormone receptors in your brain/heart/lungs/livers/adrenal glands/prostates/testes/penis for restoration of the parasympathetic nervous links to these key organs for health and sex. 
It will take a longer time to have your body recovered if you can not continuously reduce the intake of alcohol and smoking. The chemicals of Alcohol, Marijuana and cigarettes can diffuse through the barrier between the brains nervous cells/fibers and the capillaries in in few minutes to disable your brain/nervous system. Thus, alcohol, Marijuana and cigarettes have killed your brain's acetylcholine and dopamine system and kept your liver very busy to detoxify these chemicals and had no time to produce enzymes for the synthesis of testosterone, DHEA, hGH and erection/dilation mediator Nitric Oxide and its arteries dilator Cycle GMP (cGMP) to power your system. Thus, the chemicals in alcohol, Marijuana and cigarettes kills the brain/nervous/liver/endocrine functions at the same time and then hardens your arteries, elevate your blood pressure and race your heart. 
With a weak acetylcholine action (parasympathetic function) under the influences of so much chemicals, the healing power generated by the brain is insufficient and the dopamine-nonadrenalin action can not get a proper boost. Both Acetylcholine and Dopamine-nonadrenalin actions are essential to drive the endocrine function up which in turn recharge the Acetylcholine and Dopamine systems.

Your morning erection prove that you can have a natural erection by increasing the bioelectric level of the parasympathetic nervous system and the endocrine function and at the same time, reducing the stress hormone adrenalin production and blocking the adrenalin receptors in the tissues.  Over-flooding stress hormone adrenalin over the body will alternate the testosterone, DHEA  and acetylcholine receptors in the cellular tissues and decrease the biological responses of the receptors. 

You order ViaPal-hGH-D (Item 3-012) with L-Tyrisone in
Tyrisone is not in the listed.
The cost of A bottle of Tyrisone, 500 mg/50 capsules is about US$9.00
Please make a note on your order form.

This is a therapeutic formula for any ages, but you take 50% of the suggested dosage.

NOTE: You can power your brain's Dopamine system by chewing Velvet Bean (Macuna Prurients) which can be found in your country or other Central American Countries. The dry bean contains a lot of catecholamines and L-dopa which is the Dopamine precursor. The nutrient Amino Acid L-Dopa was banned by the US FDA  in June, 1989 in the free-market sale. L-Dopa has been an prescribed drug for Parkinson's disease.  You can chew 50-100 Velvet Beans to get 3-5 mg L-Dopa, which is more effective than 50-mg Tyrisone. I think your country still has a lot of good products other than Marijuana!

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