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Case Study - He and his girl friend get extraordinary benefits from sexual orgasm with Dr. Lin's formulas.
Reader: 4/25/2000>
I'm writing to tell you of an extraordinary experience
last night. My girlfriend and I had a very INTENSE
sexual encounter with the help of Heat tea for her and
penisos for me. When we both had our orgasms we were
completely drained and exhausted.

However after a few minutes, (maybe 10 to 15 minutes),
we were suddenly wide awake. I was so alert that my
vision was sharp and clear, my body posture was
extremely steady and I felt charged up. I was alert
even this morning when I woke up. I have never been
this energised after sex before. I have been taking
your supplements for about two months now but nothing
this intense has happened before. I'm wondering if you
have an explanation for this. 

My girlfriend called me this morning and surprised me
further by saying she had the same experience last
night too. She joked that we are feeling this way
because she had many orgasms and we came together when
I ejaculated..so there was an exchange of our
energies. Maybe there is some truth to it. I would be
grateful if you could give your views on this. 

Thanks and regards.

Dr. Lin: 4/27/2000>
Glad to hear my formula give both of you so many benefits. Heat Tea is very powerful for women under age 45; PeniSOS is formulated to restore the function of sex organs - the prostate and uterus. It is a healing formula. By the way, the ViaGrowth products are general more powerful than PeniSOS, particularly focusing on powering up the brain/nervous/endocrine/live functions at the same time. That is why Heat Tea contains PeniSOS and ViaGrowth-III. The packages containing PeniSOS are Heat Heat, LastLonger, ViaPal-hGH-X and -E.   

Your experiences are what we have experienced for many years. Our bodies feel the bioelectric and hormone surges in 3-5 minutes after powerful orgasms.  With these nutrients, the brain is able to perform a supercharge on the entire body with the work (energy) done by lovemaking.  Lovemaking produces a lot of energy input into the pelvic cavity where the hormone receptors for testosterone, DHT (the product resulting from testosterone burning),  and Oxytocin are very dense. In fact, lovemaking bring the hormone-enriched blood into the pelvic tissues where the hormone receptors can trap the hormones in the uterus and prostate and their surrounding tissues for sexual excitement/arouse and powering up the sex organs for orgasm.  After orgasm, the ingredients (containing plant-based hormones) in the formulas free testosterone,  DHT and Oxytocin from the receptors in your prostate and her uterus back to the bloodstream, where circulating DHT (predominant) and testosterone re-jump  her and your nervous and endocrine functions. If you keep your penis inside her vagina for another 3-5 minutes after orgasm, you will experiences bioelectric energy exchange when you kiss each other erotically.   This situation happens only both brains experiencing the stimulation of powerful orgasmic waves.  This bioenergy exchange is more powerful than that prior to orgasm when your glans penis kisses her cervix and both of you exchange your tongues..

This is one of the reasons we have sex in the morning with powerful orgasms every weekend. Usually, after ejaculation orgasm, I start to have labor-intense work in my yard and stay very awake until middle night. The powerful orgasmic waves stimulate the brain to release more orgasm hormone oxytocin and happy hormone endorphins into the bloodstream, and immediately enhance the brain-adrenal-testicular (Ovarian) function to instantly replenish the body with DHEA and testosterone. I suspect there are more than these hormones being released during the pounding of orgasmic waves on the brain.
You won't get this benefit without powerful orgasms. A weak orgasmic wave will never reach the brain, and generally diffuse as heat pulses in the pelvic area. The most beneficial results in our experiences is,  the constant orgasm let us stay away from medication and medical doctors. I have compared my current health condition with that during 1989-1993 which I was in the midlife transition. At that time, my endocrine function runs low, my body was full of pains and cramps, and I was very depressed. You can see my struggle for these problems in
When my western doctors abandoned me, I started my journey in search for solutions of rejuvenating my body functions with help of traditional Chinese medical concepts. I have tested many formulas and tried understand what is the mechanisms of the formulas acting on my body. The PeniSOS formula was the 2nd formula I have ever tested for sexual health, during 1989-1993. My first formula I had in my age 22-23 for sexual exhaustion was the LoveLonger-like product from a Chinese herbal store. After more than two-decades testing, I have successfully linked the Chinese Medical (Chi) Concepts to the brain/nervous system. Then, I have analyzed the compounds in the traditional Chinese herbal formulas in terms of the modern biochemistry, in particular, the biochemical contents in the brain, heart, liver, adrenal, ovaries, uterus, penis and testes. You can see I still use the animal organs in PeniSOS, ViaGrowth-I, -II, and -III. ViaGrowth-IV was formulated based upon the biochemical compounds in the organs, but without using the animal organs. That is, we don't have to kill animals for our health and sexual performance. ViaGrowth-IV is an emulation of a most powerful formula for the old Chinese Emperors and Empresses to retain a hard erection and tight vagina and vigorous performance that produces powerful orgasms every night like what you and your girl friend experienced.
For men, the contraction of the prostate muscle sends a sequence of powerful orgasmic waves back to the brain/hypothalamus/pituitary where the endocrine function gets a jump start in few minutes. With a powered-up penis, the orgasmic waves can pass through the back-scattering of the periodic structure of the spinal cord to the brain.
For women, the contraction of the uterus sends a sequence of powerful orgasmic waves to the brain/hypothalamus/pituitary via the energy channel along the central body from the clitoral base. Again, only a powered-up G-spot/Epicenter/Clitoris and tented uterus can produce the powerful orgasmic wave to pass through the back-scattering of the periodical Sternum in the front chest.
My products rejuvenate the brain/nervous/liver/endocrine/cardiovascular functions in many ways and let you stay away from medication and doctors.
Have a powerful orgasm 2 or 3 times a week at least.
Another hint: Screwing each other and letting your glans penis "kiss" her cervix (don't strike it) every morning for 10-20 minutes will keep your and her hormone levels high - more DHEA, Testosterone, Oxytocin and Endorphins in the bloodstream, and both of you will feel like falling in love like a prince and princess forever. When you screw each other, don't pump, but follow my advices in
Her vagina will become odorless and clean anytime.

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