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Case Study - Unlock the brain hormonal negative controller for sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/14/2000>

E-mail 1:
I've ordered your products before, Viagrowth IV, and just recently re-ordered. I've written to you before and your answer was extremely helpful, thats why I know I can depend on your expertise and knowledge to help me here.
My boyfriend, is wonderful, and an extremely good lover. I usually always have an orgasm. There are a few problems though. First I'd like to adress his problems so that you may give me guidance and suggest what products to purchase for him, and then I'll mention my own.
My boyfriend almost never ejaculates. He almost never has an orgasm. I understand whats going on with him, but I don't know what to do about it. He is capable of maintaining an erection for well over an hour. He can pump it an keep going and going and going, and I would get an orgasm and on occasion more than one. However, he CAN'T get one. Although he enjoys the sex emensely he can't ejaculate.
Firstly, he has a history of years of holding back his own orgasms to please his partner. When he wanted to get one he couldn't
Secondly, he he used to masturbate a lot. The head of his penis has lost its sensitivity.
Next, he can start out like a locomotive, go on and on and then become too exhausted to get an orgasm.
When I noticed his difficulty in getting an orgasm, I never thought it was me, because I know I'm extremely sexual and giving. I noticed how "hard he worked" and most times to no avail, and it began to worry me. I'm also worried about his health in the future if he continues to not ejaculate. I'm sure that although he doesn't say anything, it must be frustrating for him to try and try and not be able to get one.
Finally, I noticed that when he has ejaculated the quantity of sperm is extremely small. 
He has control, and is able to maintain an erection, but he becomes fatigued, and is unable to have an orgasm no matter how long he pumps it. Yet if he masturbates, he can eventually get one. We both read the article about the man who couldn't ejaculate it was so much like him, he said.
Anyway, I've studied your products, many of them seem to be very fine, but I'm not sure exactly which one(s) to choose.
Please guide me in this matter, and consider all aspects I've mentioned. The fatigue in and of itself, inability to ejaculate, the quantity of sperm being very small.

E-mail 2:

Hi Again, I just wrote you concerning my boyfriend's problem, now I'm ready to talk about mine. While they are not serious problems or don't seem to be, my sex life would be more satisfying if I could solve it.
First of all, I do get orgasms. I have in past years gotten more than one up to three, but three big orgasms with lots and lots of throbbing. It doesn't happen anymore. Somehow I know and can feel that I can get more than one orgasm, yet something, is blocking. It feels more psychological than anything else maybe not, but after I've gotten an orgasm, I get this psychological "feeling" that I'm done. Yet physiologically, I can feel the energy and the heat, I can feel the other orgasms down inside of me, yet I dont seem to be able to reach it.
Next. There are times when "something" inside of me seems to resist getting the orgasm. It even seems to resist the extreme pleasure I tend to get. I don't know what it is. I can feel the heat, and I'm enjoying him, but sometimes it just feels like stroking. Yet after we're done, I can always get an orgasm on my own via finger stimulation. I'm not difficult to get an orgasm, I get both deep vaginal orgasms, as well as clitoral orgasms, but I can't get past this "thing" that seems to resist. I'd like to always be able to get at least two orgasms.
And thirdly the weirdest thing happened. We were having sex, and I could feel the orgasm coming on strong and I said oh here it comes its coming, then like zap it disappeared, and at that point I didn't know if I got it or not. I know how it feels to almost get an orgasm and not quite make it or have it fade out, but this feeling was not even a fade out. It made me think that I had the orgasm and it happened so quickly it was over. I'm not sure what happened. Is there such a thing as an orgasm right at point then suddenly disappears without one being able to tell that it faded out?
How do I handle these things and what should I take if anything. Currently I'm using Viagrowth IV. Thanks for your input,

Dr. Lin: 4/20/2000>
E-mail 1:

Sorry for my late response to your questions.
The main problem is, he can not produce sufficient semen to stimulate his orgasm. During sexual stimulation, his prostate should produce a certain amount of semen stored in the seminal vesicles to create a hydraulic pressure against the ejaculation control valve which eventually relay a signal to the brain/pituitary to produce Oxytocin for induction of prostate contraction. My assumption is, his brain-adrenal-testicular axis can produce a testosterone burst and burning during sex encounter. Without sufficient testosterone in the blood flow to the penile, his penis become insensitive, and without testosterone burning in to DHT, his penis/prostate won't expand. Without the prostate expansion during sex, the prostate's sympathetic nerve won't get heated up, that is, the brain-prostate nervous communication doesn't link properly. There is an indication that his penis won't become very hard and solid. His erection relies on the action of the erection mediator Nitric Oxide and its arterial dilator cycle GMP (cGMP).
It seems his brain hormonal Negative Feedback Control Loop  is dead locked. Men who have never ejaculated for long time will encounter this problem.  Without a normal discharge of sperm, the Negative Feedback Control Loop of the
brain/anterior-pituitary - testicular (tubules in testis) function with Follicle-Stimulating
Hormone (FSH) has been locked up. As a result, FSH won't act on Leydig Cells for
production of testosterone.
This loop can be unlocked by ViaGrowth-IV (3 tablets a day), and if necessary, take 500-1000 mg Tribulus Terrestris a day. 

 E-mail 2:

1. This problem is associated with the insufficient testosterone burst and burning during sex to build up your sexual energy and to induce an Orgasm hormone Oxytopcin burst from the brain/pituitary. Generally speaking, elevating you testosterone level and powering your brain/nervous functions can restore your multiple orgasm capacity.
2. This is a result from insufficient stimulation by his penis which is obviously soft. You need a power-up penis to drive you over the edge. A simultaneous simulation on the clitoris and G-spot is also a must. Try my Finger Pliers Method. In the other night, we did an experiment with a shallow stimulation - the G-spot and Clitoris, not the Epicenter, my wife told me that she felt her legs flying away or floating in the air when she achieved a sequence of powerful multiple-cycle orgasms. This "thing" that seems to resist is the energy barrier that statistically hold the energy gate (The Earth Gate as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/trigger.jpg) at the clitoral base. This means your clitoral base is not full expanded. A simultaneous,  rhythmic pressure stimulation on to the G-spot (which is in the other side of the Earth Gate across the urethra) and Clitoris will expand the local tissue and open this Gate.
3. The Orgasmic energy does not get out of your Earth Gate and run up to your heart and forehead via the Conception Energy Channel along your central front body, so that you won't feet orgasmic waves pounding your heart and head, but felt heat down there. The possible causes are,
1) The Earth Gate is not open so the energy is trapped and dissipated in the pelvic cavity, 2) you doesn't not build sufficient sexual energy in the Epicenter. The 2nd factor can result from an insufficient testosterone burst or too much stress hormone in your bloodstream and brain, that dampens your Oxytocin burst. When you feel exhausted or too much stress, the orgasmic energy won't peak up during sex - no energy for sex, since stress hormones block the brain's parasympathetic function (acetylcholine action) responsible for powering up your clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter and urethral spongy tissues.!
ViaPal-hGH-D will solve his and your problem. That is, You should add Ginseng Power Max 4X and Fibra Tea.  Visual stimulation with an porn movie for 10-15 minutes is also very helpful.

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