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Case Study - Improvement of Pregnant Chance and sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/11/2000>
My husband and I are trying to have a child, and I was told that having an orgasium while trying to concieve and while being pregnant is harmful. Is that true? Do you have any advise for someone who has trying and so far has been unsuccessful in conception. Please reply and let me know what extra things can be done.

Dr. Lin: 4/12/2000>
It is easy to "make love", but sometime difficult to "make a baby."
Fertilizing an egg does nothing with sexual orgasm. A virgin girl can get pregnant without penetration, as long as a sperm can swim into the uterus from the vaginal orifice. That is why a virgin girl may give birth a baby. It depends on both the egg and sperm vitality.

Violent Sexual Orgasms in the late pregnancy may induce miscarriage since the labor-induced hormone is the same as the orgasm hormone - Oxytocin. I believe that the triggering point for relaying a signal to the pituitary for a burst of Oxytocin is the same, at the Epicenter (the female degenerated prostate), as shown in

My suggestions for a couple who experience difficulties to make a babies are:
1. Let your doctors to check the quality of the egg and sperm.
2. Increase the vitality of the egg and sperm by eating more sea foods, beans, soy products, nuts and vegetables/fruits, and by eliminating alcohol, drugs and smoking.
3. Improve the reproductive environments by increasing the blood flow into the uterus and the testicles.
The sperm quality is affected by the testicular environment, requiring a lot of oxygen, nutrients and hormones. The sperm production requires a low-temperature environment. It is like a fruit tree requiring a cold winter in order to get a full blooming in the spring. The uterus is the seed planting bed requiring a lot of oxygen, nutrients and balanced hormone levels for testosterone and estrogen/progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone to secure the implanting of a fertilized egg in the endometrium to initiate the life. During the regular menstrual cycle, the progesterone level is raised to 6400-6500 n-mole/liter in the Luteal Phase (between the ovulation and period) from 2000-3000 n-mole/liter in the Follicular Phase (before ovulating), Where the Luteal Phase corresponds to the high-temperature period as shown in
If the progesterone level is too low in the Luteal Phase, women may experience PMS, and more seriously, infertility, where the progesterone receptors in the uterus tissues are too less to secure enough progesterone.
After the fertilized egg is implanted and the placental is formed, the progesterone level will have continued to raise 4 or 5 times until 1 or 2 weeks before labor, when the Epicenter starts to signal the pituitary for increasing the production of Oxytocin to induce the uterine contraction.
Oxytocin is the hormone for inducing labor and orgasm. - the uterine contraction!
A pregnant women with a high progesterone level has less chance of having miscarriage. A high progesterone level in the regular menstrual cycle may forbid women to orgasm during the Luteal Phase, but the actual orgasmic capacity is highly depends on the testosterone level during that time. 
In the late pregnancy, the estrogen level will be also increased to 4- or 5-folds of the maximum level at the ovulation day. As a result, the pregnant women's genital becomes swelling and the vaginal lining becomes thicker and thicker for preparation of the baby to pass through, and the sexual response gets worse and worse, and her orgasm inhibitor (Prolactin) level has continuously increased. Thus, the unwise husband will try so hard to stimulate his pregnant wife's Epicenter for her orgasm. This is a very stupid love action!

From our experiments, the entire hormone balance can be done by the assistance of our product ViaGrowth-IV which normalizes the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels for optimizing the vaginal lubrication, increasing the vaginal sensitivity and flexibility, resolving the PMS, and improving sexual and orgasmic responses.  ViaGrowth-IV will also increase the density of sperm in the ejaculation fluid.

4. So, my final suggestion is to check the progesterone level in both the Follicular and Luteal Phase. 

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