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Case Study - Increase the Oxytocin level to overcome sexual psychology for  libido and sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/5/2000>
My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite a while now. I have previously dated other guys in the past and have failed having an orgasm. I have tried all I know being the modest and prudish person I am. I have tried masturbation just recently and still nothing. I am honest with my boyfriend and I do not fake them. I do enjoy our sex relationship however he is not completely satisfied because I can not have an orgasm. I understand his point completely because it makes him feel sexualy unsatisfying. I want to change this. 
I study psycholoogy and I have found correlations between having an alcohic parent and not being able to be intimate. I was never abused or anything, but I notice sometimes when my boyfriend and I are having sex, my mind will picture my father's face whom passed away two years ago to alcoholism. This makes me extremely uncomfortable because it is something I can not control and I then lose the feeling of intimacy. 
I think of myself as a very self-confident person with goals and ambitions. This problem holds me back from being able to be completely satisfied with myself. I feel guily about the image and then I feel sad that I can not share the bliss that my partner is sharing with me. I would truly like your advice on this situation. Thank you.

Dr. Lin: 4/11/2000>

Let your brain produce orgasm hormone Oxytocin!
When you have sex, your mind does not fully get into the romantic mood.
No mood, no orgasm. The mood is brought up by the secretion of Oxytocin driven by a burst/burning of testosterone during sexual encounter. 
I means, the level of Oxytocin in your bloodstream will change your psychology.
You can train your brain to do better on the bed if you have a sufficient level of testosterone in the body.
Birth control pills, drugs and alcohol will overload the liver function (P450 detoxification), resulting in promotion of Aromatasation that converts testosterone or testosterone precursors to Estradiol, the most potent estrogen that promotes tumorous and cancer cell growth and formation in the breast and reproduction system including the male prostate. A high level of Estradiol results in depression, vaginal lining thickening for the G-spot to disappear, and weak sexual and orgasmic response. 

You can reverse this problem with Heat Tea (item 3-001) or ViaGrowth-IV (Item 1-005).

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