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Case Study - Solutions for Penile surgery resulting in no sexual orgasm; mechanism of  male/female multiple sexual orgasm (s)
Reader: 4/5/2000>
I have always had trouble reaching an orgasm. The problem is worse since I had penile enlargement surgery. Is my sex life over? I can become erect with shots but can't finish. Any advice?

Dr. Lin: 4/10/2000>
I don't believe it is over. If you understand the orgasm process, you
will realize you can still make it. Here is why:
To have orgasm, the parasympathetic sexual nerve must get charged first
by a testosterone burst and burning.
The parasympathetic nervous end produces chemicals to synthesize Nitric
Oxide (NO) which in turn is converted to a erection actuating chemical
called cGMP with an enzyme called Gunylate Cyclase found inside arterial
smooth muscle. As long as your liver can provide all the enzymes that
help produce NO and cGMP, you can re-power your erection during the
recharge of the parasympathetic sexual nerve.
As sex organs (male or female) are powered up or expanded under the
parasympathetic (acetylcholine) action, the prostate (or Epicenter for
women) is expanded and forced to relay a signal to the pituitary to
secret Oxytocin to stimulate the autorhythmic fibers and their
sympathetic motor nerve in the prostate (Epicenter). Once the
bioelectric level of the sympathetic motor nerve is elevated over -40
mv, the autorhythmic fibers are self-excited to pace contraction of their
surrounding contractile fibers, around the prostate from the perineum to
the tail bone for men, or around the uterus/vagina and the pelvic

Understanding this orgasmic mechanism, you still have a lot of chances
to orgasm.
What you need is to give your parasympathetic nervous division a
bioelectric supercharge with reduction of stress hormones in your
In this regard, ViaPal-hGH-X or -D (Item 3-009 or -012) can help you

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