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Case Study - hysterectomy, natural hormonal replacement formulas, and male/female multiple sexual orgasm (s)
Reader: 4/5/2000>
I have read alot of you articles and I would like to ask a few questions. I had a hysterectomy last year and I can tell a difference in the way that I feel about sex. I want to experience more. My husband cant seem to find my G-Spot if I even have one. I have never had an orgasm with penetration and that bothers me and him. I have one with oral but I want to feel something more. Would the tea that you mention in your article help me? I have alot more curiosity now than I used to and we have been maried for 17 years and I just want some more intense sex. I never have more than one orgasm. Please explain to me about the different types of exercises that I can do. I would also like for my husband to reach multiple orgasms. i have read that the man can also experience this. I would appreciate any of your help. Thanks so much for your time.

Dr. Lin: 4/7/2000>
Do you have a full or partial hysterectomy?
The G-spot is an area in the vaginal ceiling with some testosterone receptors. The G-spot nerve requires a lot of testosterone to be activated. When the G-spot tissues and nerve are flooded with estrogen, there are more estrogen receptors developed than testosterone receptors in the local tissues and, then, the G-spot nerve becomes inactive or the G-spot becomes non-existent. 
The actual spot to relay a signal to the brain/pituitary for a burst of orgasm hormone Oxytocin to stimulate uterine contraction is the Epicenter (the female degenerated prostate, the Orgasmic Pacemaker) between the cervix and bladder. Please read
The G-spot nerve is linked to the nerve in the Epicenter's autorhythmic fibers which is self-excited to pace contraction of its surrounding muscle and the uterus. To elevate the bioelectric energy in the autorhythmic fibers, the G-spot nerve must be active in the first place. If you have never had it activated, you need Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV/Fibra with my Finger Pliers Method to start with. Please read 
If your ovaries were removed, you need a full-spectrum natural hormonal formula like ViaGrowth-IV/Fibra or ViaPal-hGH-D to elevate your testosterone level and balance your estrogen as well. Elevating the testosterone level will increase the sensitivity of the G-spot nerves and the flexibility of the vaginal muscles and tissues.
The problem is if hysterectomy has destroyed the autorhythmic fibers. You have to rely on weak rhythmic fibers in the root of the clitoral shaft, the other side of the G-spot across the urethra. Please read
The clitoral root is an energy gate or window (I called it the Earth Gate). Opening this gate, like turning on an electric switch, will generate a bioelectric pulse that causes a weak contraction of the muscle around the vaginal orifice. A simultaneously stimulation on the clitoris and G-spot can induce this type of orgasm, Level-1 and 2. A deep vaginal orgasm is possible if the autorhythmic fibers in the Epicenter are still there. 
A deep vaginal orgasm requires the nervous fibers in the urethral spongy tissues being fully charged by testosterone burst and burning during sex. Heat Tea or ViaPal-hGH-D is to elevate the testosterone level in the tissues.
There is another weak autorhythmic fibers near the tailbone, across the rectum. Some women have autorhythmic fibers between the cervix and rectum! 
Vaginal exercise has many types. The best exercise is: Simultaneous contraction of the vaginal, low-abdomen and tail bone muscles with each inhale in a deep breathing. The deep breathing performs a sequence of digital (stepwise) inhaling until your lung is full, and then exhale to release the contraction. There will be 10-20 steps of inhaling with about 0.5-2 seconds each step. Sexual ChiKong Intercourse is an application of the vaginal exercise to lovemaking, as described in 

For his multiple orgasms, he has to learn how to hold ejaculation back to power up his penis. 
Men can experience orgasms when holding ejaculation back.
You must learn the Anal Breathing Method that transfers the prostate contraction to the tailbone muscular contraction to eliminate ejaculation. I call it "Channeling sexual energy back to the brain from the prostate via the tail bone (or acupuncture point GV-1 of the Governing Vessel along the central line of the back). This method requires a long-term training. The Anal Breathing Method is outlined in

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