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Case Study - Principles of the Anal Breathing Method, Natural Penile Enlargement, and male sexual orgasm control
Reader: 4/4/2000>
You said that a male should not exercise/use the PC muscle because it leads to premature ejaculation. You said instead he should contract the tailbone muscle to prevent premature ejaculation. I do not know what the tailbone muscle is. I do know how to contract the PC muscle. Can you explain the difference in these 2 muscles, and how I can differentiate the two. Also, can you recommend a good exercise for the tailbone muscle? Basically, how do I retract the tailbone muscle and how do I know it's not the PC muscle???? 
Many Many thanks for your website. Many of the things you mention I have already learned, but it took me 25 years to learn it. I could have learned it all in a few nights with your website!!!! Thanks Again!!!!

Dr. Lin: 4/5/2000>
The anus is a divider of two groups of muscles - one from the anus to the tail bone (I called tailbone muscle) and other from the anus to the penile footing/scrotum (I called it the prostate muscle).
It is very easy to contract the prostate muscle as you try to stop peeing. Contracting the prostate muscle will move the scrotum and the penis, while contracting the tailbone muscle can stop peeing without moving the scrotum and the penis. 
The mechanisms of stopping peeing with two methods are completely different. The prostate-muscle contraction is to constrict the prostate urinary valve, while the tail-bone contraction is use the tailbone nerve to interfere with the prostate's sympathetic nerves that control the urinary or ejaculation valve. Note that the urinary and ejaculation sympathetic nerves also interfere with each other.  Contracting the prostate muscle will irritate the ejaculation control valve to promote ejaculation. This is the main cause of premature ejaculation for men with a weak erection but a medium or high level of testosterone or DHT in the prostate's hormone receptors. .  
When you apply the Anal Breathing Method (tailbone muscle contraction), you actually remove bioenergy from the prostate motoring nerves - mainly (80%) from the sympathetic channel and slightly (20%) from the parasympathetic channel. Sexual stimulation also charge both channels. If you can remove more energy from the sympathetic channel, you can last much longer. If the energy removed from the parasympathetic channel is much less than the bioenergy produced by the testosterone burst and burning and the mechanical energy conversion due to the penile/vaginal interaction, the penis will continue to balloon to an extreme size, that is the principle of the Natural Penile Enlargement. To successfully practice this method, you must have a natural (spontaneous) erection, a measure of bioenergy in the parasympathetic sexual motoring nerves as well as a measure of the body function in synthesizing the erection mediator Nitric Oxide. 

To practice the Anal Breathing Method, you have to identify the tailbone muscle first. A simple way to do so is to compress your butts against your tail bone and image that you also inhale the air into your rectum in each inhale with an anal constriction. Don't compress too hard. Once you get used to the anal constriction against your tail bone without moving the prostate muscle, you don't have compress your butts any more. 
The detail is given in

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