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Case Study - Semen leakage, weak erection and sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/4/2000>
The problem I have is when I screw around with girls, and makeout with them exc.., my penis gets hard, and little increments of semen leak out, and sofar the few times Ive got to almost having sex my penis was completely limp, yet I have no problems getting hard when masterbating. If you could give me any tips it would greatly be apriciated ~ thanks a lot ~ 

Dr. Lin: 4/5/2000>
This problem is a sign of the weakening of the parasympathetic sexual nerve that keeps the ejaculation valve shut and hold the erection.
The problem is you can not hold erection long enough.
After 20-30 minutes foreplay, your erection has used the bioenergy stored in the parasympathetic sexual nerve. Erection, like the light on, continuously consumes energy. Once the bioelectric voltage in the parasympathetic nerve runs low, your penis goes limps.
A long foreplay requires a powerful testosterone burst and burning to continuously charge the parasympathetic erection circuit; otherwise, the erection will go limp or ejaculates upon penetration or in a short time after few strokes.
Masturbation and intercourse has completely different action on the stimulation on the penis.
Masturbation converts more mechanical energy to sexual energy that charges both parasympathetic and sympathetic motoring nerves. It also promotes blood circulation in the penile shaft. The problem is you will stimulate the penile trigger zone and make yourself come as quickly as you can.
Intercourse has less mechanical energy conversion, but more mind action via the mutual visual and auditory stimulation and the bioelectric conduction or bioelectro-magnetic coupling. If her G-spot and Epicenter is very swollen - full of bioelectric energy, the bioelectric conduction or magnetic field coupling between the penis and vagina can heat up your penis and prostate in both the parasympathetic and sympathetic circuits that can power up your penis (parasympathetic function) or make you come quickly (sympathetic function). However, to hold the erection up and tighten the ejaculation valve, you still need a basic resting potential in the parasympathetic sexual motoring nerve and a continuous burst and burning of testosterone to charge the nerve during sex. Testicular stimulation during intercourse can help the testosterone burst and burning to increase the penile power.
My suggestion: taking ViaPla-hGH-D (age 35/40 or above) Endura (age  25/30 - 40) or LastLonger (age 30 or under) will solve your problem. 
The other way to solve this problem is: give your prostate a break because frequent ejaculation will irritate the nerve of the ejaculation control valve, where the nerve must get fully recharged so that it can function properly. If your ejaculation-control-valve nerve is undercharged, you will feel your prostate become very unconformable and irritated after ejaculating. Our products will give the parasympathetic nerve a full recharge in a short time after ejaculating, so that you don't need a nap or sleep to recharge the prostate's parasympathetic nerve.

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