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Case Study - Exercise, erection and sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/30/2000>
Dr. Lin, I need your advice.

About me: I am 29, in excellent health, and married.

My problem: Without fail almost every morning when I woke up I had an 
extremely powerful erection. This is normal I know. The last couple months 
however, I have noticed very few erections upon waking and the ones I do 
have are not nearly as hard or long lasting. Sex with my wife has been a 
disappointment because my erections are not as you say "powered up", and I 
can now only last about 5-10 minutes whereas I used to last 30-40 minutes no 

I thought you were joking when you talked about a 3 o'clock penis position. 
Until it happened to me.

I went to see my Dr for a physical. Perfect health. He suggested that 
little blue pill. I laughed. I suggested herbs then he laughed!

The only thing I have done differently recently is increase my running. I 
was running 10 miles a week. I dropped that to 5, plus light weights and 
yoga. I am not stressed at work and I love my wife

I know that most of our physical problems can be brought back in to balance 
with diet/supplements/exercise. I wrote you once before but that was when 
you were having problem with the drug companies. Any help you can suggest I 
would appreciate.

Dr. Lin: 4/1/2000>
It seems you are getting old!?
It is not a joke. I have worked very "carefull" (but not "hard") to keep my penis hard, pointing to an 1-2 o'clock position as shown in
Even today, I still have the same erection power as I did 10 years ago.
Here are my secrets:
1. Don't ejaculate when ejaculation can not give your more sexual power. Each ejaculation must be able to produce a sequence of powerful orgasmic surge waves running into your spinal cord and brain to produce more testosterone and power your brain/nervous function. I means, you must recycle the sexual energy upon an orgasmic ejaculation. I call it "Return semen to the brain."
2. Optimize your ejaculation cycles - Don't let ejaculation lower down your bioelectric level in the parasympathetic system, but also don't let excessive testosterone lock up the hormone negative feedback loop of your brain-nervous function.
3. Supply your body with essential hormone-building and Nitric-Oxide (erection mediator) substances to maintain your ejaculation cycles with a hard erection. 
4. Reduce stress hormone production and block the receptor sites of stress hormones in the organs and tissues (of course, including the penis, prostate, clitoris G-spot, Epicenter, uterus...)
5. Have a moderate exercise to sweat out stress hormone to promote hGH, DHEA and testosterone production, but don't use a violent exercise to overburn testosterone, DHEA and hGH. If it takes you more than one hour to recover from an exercise, then, you are over-exercised. You should have a spontaneous erection after body restoration from an exercise, that is, the exercise stimulates a testosterone burst or surge!

It seems that your body consumed more testosterone during an exercise than what it produced after exercising.
Violent exercises will also stimulate your adrenal glands to produce too much stress hormones for support your "Flight or Fight" activities.
You need Endura (item 3-006) to help you out. Endura will give hormone-building materials, reduce stress hormone production, and block the stress hormonal receptors (the so-called alpha-2 receptors).

I have removed or scrambled all the trade-marked names from the webpages to avoid the conflict of interests.

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