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Case Study: Prostate and Sexual Orgasm
Reader: 3/25/2000>
what function does the prostate have during sex?
Dr.Lin: 3/26/2000>
1. Testosterone and hormone receptor sites: The prostate and the Epicenter (the female degenerated prostate) are the major hormonal receptor sites in the male and female body, respectively. This is how we want to have sex as the receptor tissues is full of testosterone.
2. Testosterone burner - Burn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and bioenergy. DHT heats up and dilates the penile and prostate tissues for erection. DHT is behind the scene to drive my Natural Penile Enlargement. Bioenergy supercharges the parasympathetic sexual nerve of the prostate to actuate and hold erection with synthesis of the erection mediator Nitric Oxide which is associated with the Human Growth Hormone agent L-arginine. Erection is produced by a testosterone burst (surge) and burning and mediated by the presence of the NO agent! Excessive DHT and testosterone bound into the prostate tissues will result in prostate enlargement and premature ejaculation. We use plant hormones (including Phyto-estrogen) to balance the binding of testosterone and DHT in the prostate's hormone receptors.
3. Erection actuator - The parasympathetic sexual nerve in the prostate actuates erection with a bioelectric acting potential (the resting potential + an alternating-voltage pulse) due to the brain/nervous Acetylcholine action. The resting potential of the parasympathetic sexual motoring nerve, like your car battery, is continuously turned into heat when you hold an erection. In turn, the thermoenergy will elevate the resting voltage of the local sympathetic motoring nerve that control ejaculation. Note that sexual stimulation also elevate the resting potential of both parasympathetic and sympathetic sexual nerves. The sympathetic sexual nerve is responsible for execute ejaculation.
4. Ejaculation/Erection-withdrawal controller - The sympathetic sexual nerve in the prostate mediates the ejaculation and erection-withdrawal upon the brain dispatches a "Fight or Flight" command through the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The bioelectric level of the sympathetic sexual nerve determines Fight or Flight. When the bioelectric voltage pulse (DC + AC) of the prostate's sympathetic nerve is shoot over the ejaculation threshold (-40 mV), the prostate's ejaculation valve is automatically open. However, when the bioelectric potential in both the parasympathetic and sympathetic prostate nerves is dropped back to -70 mV, the brain dispatches a erection withdrawal signal to the prostate. You can mechanically force semen to pass through the ejaculation valve without the sympathetic "Fight" action.
5. Semen production: The prostate produces a large amount of semen to support sperm life and activities. The production of semen requires Human Growth Hormone (HGH), testosterone, DHEA and estrogen.
When you are under stress or exhausted, the adrenal medulla broadcasts the stress hormone adrenalin all over the entire body. When adrenalin occupies the hormonal receptors in the muscles, you feel muscular pains and cramps. The prostate is full of adrenalin too! In addition, adrenalin reduces the pituitary/liver/adrenal-cortex/testicular functions that are responsible for production of HGH, DHEA, testosterone and optimal estrogen. You won't have erection when adrenalin takes over your body!
Women have the same control mechanism for the sexual function too! The main difference is that the female testosterone receptors is much less than the male, so that women need less testosterone than men do. But, the uterine tissues contain a lot of testosterone receptors. That is why the uterine contractile fibers can produce powerful orgasm waves once the Epicenter's autorhythmic fibers is self-excited..
After fully understanding these erection/engorgement and ejaculation/orgasm mechanisms, we have formulated the best products in the world to help men and women out for better life.

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