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Case Title: ViaPal-hGH-D makes his semen thicker for Sexual Orgasm; how to last longer.
Reader: 3/16/2000>
Dear Dr Lin,
I know you are very busy re-estsblishing your highly useful website. As such, I am sorry to trouble you with this request for advice. Please reply when it is convenient to you. Please advise me on the following:
1) I am currently taking Viagrowth IV with FibraTea and Ginseng Power Max. It has definitely made my semen thicker and my sex drive stronger. In fact, nowadays when I come home from a night out (dinner & drinks)with my girlfriend, I usually am wet with pre-cum, just like it used to be when I was much younger. My girlfriend is both amazed and amused at my new found vitality for her. The problem (although she has not complained of this herself) is that my pre-cum has a distinctly strong odour which I believe may be caused by the supplements. Is there anything I can do to neutralise the odour? As I said, my girlfriend is not complaining but I do know that this odour has never been with my pre-cum before. Is there some food that I should eat or avoid to help the situation?
2) The second query is as to the time I should take Viagrowth IV or Penisos. Both are very strong, thus making it rather difficult for me to control my ejaculation. I usually take either of them at around 7 p.m. and I usually have sex at about 9.30 to 11 p.m. By then my penis and testicles are very sensitive (due to the potency of the supplements) that I am not very successful in holding back my ejaculation past about twenty/thirty minutes. Recently, I am getting so concerned about this that I am unable to achieve a full hard erection in the worry that if I did, I might ejaculate even faster. Please tell me if I should reschedule the timing at which I take the supplements. Should I give a longer gap between the time I take the supplements and the time I have sex? I occasionally take half a V?ag?a (the trade-marked erectile drug) pill shortly after taking Viagrowth IV. Is there any recommended timing for taking Vi?gr? (the trade-mark drug)  and Viagrowth IV before sex?
3)I am planning to place an order for the Orgasmic Tea package. Right now, I have a bottle of Verdina and FibraTea which I have not asked my girlfriend to try yet. I don't have EnergiaTea. Would Verdina and Fibra alone get her more aroused and prepared for orgasm in the absence of EnergiaTea? Is it ok if I gave her Verdina and Fibra in our next lovemaking session until I receive the full Orgasmic tea package from you?
I would like to express my gratitude to you for turning my initial problem of a diminished sex drive into a current problem of a lack of control of sex drive. Although that needs working on, it is surely a more pleasant problem than having a low sex drive. Thank you. Regards,
Dr. Lin: 3/17/2000>
1. It seems ViaGrowth-IV make you semen smell fishy like you eat a lot of sea foods. I suspect you take too much - overdose your body. This is what it is supposed to be when you eat too much sea foods! With ViaPal-hGH-D (ViaGrowth-IV+FibraTea + Ginseng Power Max 4x) Your semen has a lot of tonic chemicals and hormones. It is very good for her if she dares to swallow it. She won't any supplements from me forever! To neutralize its tastes, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
2. Timing of taking ViaGrowth-IV: It seems you have too much stress hormone adrenalin in your prostate!  Excessive adrenalin and testosterone will result in pain and over-oversensitivity in the prostate and penile hormone receptor sites. You have to optimize your testosterone level,  and to reduce adrenalin production and to block its receptors.  If you are young men, take  ViaGrowth-IV in the evening before going to bed, not going to have sex or in the morning. If you are a middle ager or senior (older than 40), take it 1 or 2 hours before sex. However, your testosterone level seems too high. You have to reduce ViaGrowth-IV dosage to 50-70%. Excessive testosterone will make sex organs become too sensitive for both sexes. In my instruction handout, I advise that the users reduce the dosage once they feel great - high libido. Boy, you should read the instruction. Also take a ViaGrowth break every 3 days for the best result, so that you can keep an optimal testosterone level in the body. Or, you can do a lot of exercise to consume it out! Either way works. Your testosterone level seems too high. You have to reduce ViaGrowth-IV dosage to 50-70%. Excessive testosterone will make sex organs become too sensitive for both sexes. A high-testosterone level in the body will overheat the prostate and make ejaculation control become very difficult. This is one of the types of premature ejaculation for young men. That is why we have GABA to help young men out.
To promote erection, you can simply increase the drinking frequency of FibraTea and Ginseng Power Max 4x - have them twice or 3 times a day for the sex day. The mixture tea is a stress-blocker (alpha-2) and also a stress hormonal reducer, resulting in promoting erection when the body is at rest. This is the Erection Builder, and testosterone is the Erection Supporter. The testosterone burst and burning helps you retain a hard erection during intercourse (war time), but excessive testosterone in the peace time will drive libido too high and produce too semen such that a high hydraulic pressure built up in the seminal vesicles against the prostate. This is why I call the prostate overheating. In my book, one session (one picture) on the ejaculation control specially mention the hydraulic effect. The ejaculation control problem can also result from a blood congestion pressure in the perineum against the prostate. Please read my vacuum-cupping massage article, in /love/massage.htm
You can take the erection drug with ViaGrowth-IV, but take no more than 1 tablet. However, the best time to have ViaGrowth-IV is the bedtime.
3. You can give her 1 tablet ViaGrowth-IV and let her drink the FibraTea (2 droppers) + VerdinaTea (1 dropper)  1 or 2 hours before sex without Energia Tea. please read /cases/case8889.htm.  Heat Tea is very powerful for women younger than 40. For middle agers and Seniors, ViaPal-hGH-D or -X are more cost-effective, because they are a 60-75 days supply.

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