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Case Study: Keys of Natural Penile Enlargement for sexual orgasm
Reader 1: 3/1/2000
Dr. Newman I was reading your webpage, I found to very insightful and interesting. I am currently trying to work on overcoming premature ejaculation. I read quite alot of the articles at you sight. I have a couple questions pertaining to areas that I didn't quite understand.
First of all, is it right in saying that healthy erections will be at the "1'oclock" position? Why is this? In the past mine have been at the "3'oclock" position? I'm in my 20's and assumed myself to be quite healthy in every aspect, what would be causing this and what could I do to correct it, if it is something which needs correcting?
Secondly, I was reading on your ballooning affect, I understand the idea, the principle, but I don't grasp exactly how one is to achieve this. Is it just a matter of stimulating the penis at the base and squeezing around the pelvis with one's hands?
Thanks for any help you could provide.
Dr. Lin:3/3/2000>

A healthy natural erection ranges 2 - 3 o'clock positions which can be powered up to 1-2 o'clock.
It is very difficult to balloon a penis with a natural erection pointing to a 4 o'clock position. Even if you can balloon it, the erection won't last too long, 3-5 minutes at most. This also cause premature ejaculation because you have to contract the prostate muscle to assist erection. Once you do that several cycles, the ejaculation valve is turned on.
The erection power relies on the ability of your body to produce a testosterone burst and burning during sexual encounter. This is assoacited with the brain/nervous/endocrine functions that pumps out testosterone to recharge the parasympathetic nerves (acetylcholine action) during sexual stimulation. When the brain drops off the parasymapthetic function, the sympathetic function will take over the body function and execute the "Fight(Ejaculation) or Fligh (erection withdrawal)" command. In the Chinese Medical Concept, the parasympathetic function is the Yin Chi - the energy conservation action. When the bioenergy is stored in the prostate and penis, the penis is actuated to erect. Hence, the erection power is the resting postential (the DC voltage) in the parasympathetic sexual nerve. The Chinese Medical theory calls this resting potential is the Kidney Yin because it is associated with the DHEA production by the drenal cortexes sitting on the top of the kidneys and also because it is related to the suppression of the kidney's renin-release mechanism which switches the parasympathetic to sympathetic function and elevates the blood pressure.
To achieve the 1 o'clcok position, you have to hold ejaculation back 3-5 times and then apply the penile ballooing method to power the penis up. This is the key for ballooning the penis.
Each ejaculation holding up will produce a maximum for the penile erection size. Women know the best. Everytime when you are about to come, your partner feels stimulated the most because the penile size and hardness reach the peak. The Balloning method considers the penis as a blood balloon which can be continuously inflated until the blood pumping pressure in your pelvis is balanced by the penile internal blood pressure.
Each ejaculation holding up will drive the penis to reach a new peak during a love session. In other world, the ballooning procedures are: holding ejaculation when you are about to come, massageing your penile base and footing and pulling down your scrotum to cool the testicular function a little bit, squeezing the lower section of the penile shaft to expand the glans, and then restimulating the supperior (upper size of the penile again, as described in
To prolong sex and hold ejaculation back several times, you must learn my sexual ChiKong or anal breathing methods, and eat right to keep your prostate calm and in shape.

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