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Case Study: Sexual ChiKong Intercourse and ViaGrowth-IV for the strength of the vaginal muscle and uterine liagements for more sexual orgasm!
Reader 1: 2/21/2000>
Dr.Lin, it's me AGAIN! I was a liitle confused on a few things. I told you about having problems diong kegal exercises and it was not really living up to my expectations of tightning the vagina. You told me I needed the Via Growth-IV, and I saw that it was for the age group of older than 35. I am 31 and have 2 children! Does that mean that I have a vagina of a 35 or older woman? I also read that your wife was having uterine prolapse at age 40, and vaginal dryness. I DEFINATELY do not have or ever had vaginal dryness, if anything i think too wet. I don't have problems having an orgasm. My boyfriend of 4 years has always been able to get me so turned on to just the thought of knowing we are about to make love. So do you still think I need the Via Grow-IV? And if so, will it help me to get back the vaginal strength that I had when i was younger? My boyfriend who is 35 is so sweet, saying that being with me is the best sex he has ever had, but I want to please him more and know I can. I have tried the Sexual ChiKong but I just can't seem to contract the vaginal muscles as hard as I want as when I am masturbating. Is it becouse of the tenting up while having intercourse or am I right about (I MEAN YOU) not having strong vaginal muscles? They seem strong when i satisfy myself than when we make love! Is this normal? Well, sorry about all the questions. I just ordered your CD-ROM and the Via Growth-IV. I can't wait to try them out! Thanks Again!!!!!!!
Dr. Lin:2/22/2000>

Loosening or Tightness is a measure of the vaginal muscular strength associated with the testsoterone level and the vaginal sexual exercise.
The testosterone level is the hindened problem for the vaginal muscular strength, which has never been addressed before. This problem happends in the 20's women too when the birth control pill overkills the endocrine function and limits the testosterone production. The pill increases the estrogen level in their bloodstream and thus make their vagina become too wet or ejcaulate a lot of fluid without sexual orgasm. Excessive estrogen make the vaginal muscle become too loose and the vaginal lining become too thick.
Those two factors reduce the urethral, G-spot and Epicenter nervous sensitivity too, leading to orgasmic dysfunction.
Sexual Chikong intercourse which advises the female to frequently contract the vaginal muscle will improve the vaginal tightness by intercourse. My wife does this exercise everytime when we have sex. In fact, we practice the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse daily. On the other hand, the testosterone level in the body is very critical for a sucessful vaginal exercise and for the strength of the uterine muscle and ligaments. This situation is the same as body builders have. You need both testsoterone and sexual exercise to keep your muscles tuned. Instead of growing muscle in your hands or legs, you build it up in your vaginal/urethral/bladder muscles and uterine-support ligaments, as shown in
Her slightly-prolapsed (tipped-backward) uterus, which bothers her for sometimes since her 45, has been restored by ViaGrowth-IV and Sexual ChiKong Exercise, no more abdomen and tail-bone muscular pains and cramps in the luteal phase , sleeping, penetration/intercourse, or post orgasm! From this, we have discovered the uterine-support ligaments need a lot of testosterone to retain its strength to suspend and hold the uterus in the right position. The Vaginal Muscle and lining need testosterone to retain its elasticity and flexibility for penetration, heavy thrusting and a better orgasmic response. ViaGrowth-IV has given her a lot of vaginal muscular strength and orgasmic response like her 30-40. The most important things she has gotten are: No more pains/cramps in the pelvic cavity in any occassions - sleeping, sex, orgasm or work, and more clitoral and G-spot enorgement.
You will feel your vgainal tighter when your G-spot/vaginal ceiling is popped out like an upside ridge, as shown in
You are right and normal! The CD_ROM will show you how to grip the penis correctly when you have sex. The trick is: Compression of your low abdomen when you inhale, which produce a vaginal suction force on the penis. The side effect is: you may ejaculate immediatly under the powerful vaginal suction force unless he practices my Sexual Chikong Breathing and Penile Ballooning Metod to block the nervous transmission between his glans and prostate.
Your order will be sent to you this afternoon by a 2-day priority mail/COD. Thank you for your order.

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