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Case Study: Possible causes of a man being unable to orgasm - no sexual orgasm!
Reader 1: 2/21/2000>
What are the possible causes of a man being unable to orgasm? My husband has been experiencing progressive difficulty in orgasming over the past year or so (started out happening only occasionally, but now almost every time we make love). Sometimes the intense feeling builds until he is just about to orgams then the feeling simply goes away. Other times he does not even get to that point although he says it feels wonderful (just not enough intensity to cause orgasm). He has no trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection. This problem is extremely frustrating for both of us and any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.
Dr. Lin:2/21/2000>

This is caused by insuffcient parasympathetic (acetlychonline - ACh) action to power the sympathetic dopamine-norepinephrine action over the edge that is, elavate the resting potental of the orgasmic pacemaker - the prostate's sympathetic motor nerve, over -40 mV).
He needs ViaPal-hGH-D (item 3-012) to power the brain/nervous, liver and endocrine functions to suppercharge the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous (norepinephrine) function
When there is insufficient bioelectric energy in the parasymapthetic nervous channel, the brain force the sympathetic nervous division executes "Fight or Flight" where Fight means orgasm or ejaculation and Flight means "erection withdrawal or orgasm withdrawal."
The brains dopamine system controls the sympathetic function of either "Fight or Flight" during lovemaking.
When there is sufficient ACh action, the neuotransmitter/amino acid Dopamine can be converted to norepinephrine to assist erection first and then, to elevate the resting potential of the sympathetic sexual nerve over -40 mV, resulting in orgasm. If the Ach is insufficient, the brain forces the adrenal medulla to produce a large amount of the stress hormones to excute the "Fight or Flight" command. The worest situation in this case is ejaculation without orgasm - the semen dripping out without prostate contraction, where the parasympthetic sexual nerve can not provide sufficient resting potential to keep the prostate ejaculation valve shut!
All of these problems can be solved by powering the parasympathetic sexual nerve and reducing the stress hormone level in the prostate with ViaPal-hGH-D.
Street drugs, alochol, smoking, caffeine, and medication drugs will trigger the male orgasm dysfunction.

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