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Case Study: He said 'Your products are certainly helping the healing process. ' - more sexual Orgasm
Reader 1: 2/12/2000>
Dear Dr Lin,
The more I read your site, the more amazed I am at how you have simple solutions for complex problems. They say that the true test of wisdom is the ability to simplify complicated problems so that a good solution can be arrived at.
I had been troubled by my falling sexual prowess for so long and I had been looking for some "miracle cure".
Your wonderful website has reinforced the point that years of damage inflicted by me on my body cannot be rectified by popping a pill once. Your products are certainly helping the healing process.
Thanks also for getting me off creatine supplements. You may recall that I had written in an earlier e-mail that I was on a large intake of creatine supplements. You explained to me the damage that is caused by it. I did further reading on the subject and was APPALLED at some of the side effects of creatine(as set out by several users and medical researchers)-ranging from diarrhea, stomach cramps, kidney failure, heartburn, dehydration and more specifically a diminished sex drive and low sperm count. I have now switched to protein supplements(whey protein). Is that okay? Perhaps, I should have consulted you before I went out and bought the whey protein. I'm still on my amino acid supplements.
I feel really much better after reading your site and taking your supplements. I am almost out of the Fibra and I shall be placing an order for it soon. Thank you.
Dr. Lin:2/19/2000>

Your re-order was shipped to you by an international air mail this afternoon. Sorry for being late in answering your questions after shipping out your order.
Our products are harmonic formulas that promote the parasympathetic function (Yin Chi) for generation power of healing and Yang Chi, with side effects of actuating penile erection and G-spot/Clitoral engorgement.
You have ordered the most powerful supplement ViaPal-hGH-D in the earth, which is derived from the Chinese Emperor/Empress formula. The original formula contains tonic herbs (for plant hormones) and a lot of animal organ extracts from the brain, heart, liver, adrenal gland, kidney, penis, testicle, uterus, ovary, placenta (human and animal), bone marrow, and so on. With the advancement of biochemical research, we have been able to analyze the compounds in these organs, and therefore replace the animal ingredients by amino acids and plant hormones. This is what ViaGrowth-IV comes from. So, we can bring this Emperor/Empress formula to all love couples under heaven without killing animals for our sexual pleasure. We don't have to use the tiger bone/marrow and the tiger/dog penis/testes any more, which contain a lot of androstenedione (testosterone precusor), testosterone, DHEA, hGH, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). I also add a lot of plant hormones extracting from from gemmating seeds (growth factors) and tonic plants to help the brain, cardiovascular, liver, adrenal, prostate and testicular functions, and help testosterone and DHT free from the hormonal receptors in the heart, prostate, penis, uterus, and head-skin tissues, and prevent testosterone from binding by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) that makes testosterone become useless. Our ViaGrowth-IV is more powerful than the original Emperor/Empress formula, so that we can enjoy more sexual pleasure and orgasm than Chinese Emperors and Empresses do. This formula rejuventes the body function far beyond the Chinese Medicine can achieve. Yet, the most important achievement of this formula is "Animal Friendly!"

I have packed the 5000-year wisdom and modern science in one bottle. This formula not only power penile erection or clitorial/G-spot engorgement, but also increase the flexibility and ealsticity of muscles and ligaments to kill pains/cramps in the back/shoulder/neck, gions, low back/tail bone, and low adomen, to resolve PMS/intercourse/orgasmic pains and cramps, and to restore the uterine position from uterine prolasing and tipping. It is also a sports medicine. Consider an hourly intercourse is a 20-miles cross-county marathon :-). you know what I mean. Hourly love action and pumping use a lot of hormones in the muscles and ligaments down there. That is why more lovemaking and orgasm can strengthen your body.

Regarding taking other supplements, the foundamental rule is:
" Don't Overload your liver with the good things. More is not better."

Overloading the liver will kill its function that provides enzymes or coenzymes for synthesize the hormonal precursors, amino acids, neurotransmitters, and other chemicals that burns hormones into power. In addition, it will promote the aromatisation (aromatization) process that converts testosterone and androstenedione to estrogen! By the way, our ViaGrowth products and PeniSOS contain ingredients that stop the liver's aromatisation, since the products are formulated to power the liver function in the first place.
You can take creatine, but limit to 200-300 mg per day.
The same rule is also applied to Whey Protein and amino acids.
My suggested dosage for them is 200-300 mg a day.
Since you take ViaGrowth-IV, all you need is 200 mg a day.
If you look at the dosage of each ingredient of ViaGrowth products, you will understand the old Taoism principles.

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