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Case Study: Solution for venous leakage for more erection and sexual Orgasm
Reader 1: 2/12/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin
I have been following your site for a couple of years; I have yor CD-ROM too.
I have lived with erection dysfunction since early twenties, now I'm 53.
I have allways been very interested in sex and been very industrious masturbator since I detected it at age of 14.
Erection may now be quite good when I lay on the bed but when I stand up on my knees not to mention on my feet I usually loose the erection in a couple of seconds.
Last May I visited a doctor; Lab tests were made: testosterone was quite good, 24 on a scale of 9-38, prolactine was in the upper limit, LH was slightly belowe lower limit.
The most important result was made with colour doppler ultrasonograpy:
quite enough blood entered to my penis, about 75cm/second,
but it it went away too fast through the venous system,
about 15cm/second when normal values for proper erection are 1-5cm/second.
Thus I have the condition called venous leak.
So what to do or am I a basket case? I also have a feeling that my penis has shrunk a bit over the years.
Else I am very healthy, never sick, average slim. Working out 3 times a week in gym, jogging three times a week, maybe too much exercise. My condition has appeared long before I started my exercising. I thought it might help. I have also allways been inclined to low moods, depression and I'm quite stressed because of my job as a dentist.
I have not seen discussion about venous leak on your pages, is it an incurable condition.
Ordering your supplements to my country may be extremely difficult because for example DHEA and other products that contain hormones are prescription drugs and would be stopped in the customs.
By the way I've allways understood that testosterone makes us want sex, but does it really have some function in the actual development of the erection, and what is the role of dehydroxy testosterone; I have have a thinnig hair, strong beard, but almost no other body hair, legs are smooth like ladies'.
If your publish this please dont let my name show.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Lin:2/17/2000>

Powering the parasympathetic sexual nerve will lock up the erection (venous) leakage in the penile veins.
It requires a very rapid blood flow rate to balloon the penile tissues in order to "squeeze" (shut) the valves of the penile veins. This is similar to the situation that an auto mechanist inflates a new tire with a rapid air flow to seal the gap between the tire and wheel. ViaPal-hGH-D (ViaGrowth-IV + 2 Fibra + 1 Ginsseng Power 4x) can do the job for you. This is Item 3-012 in
we can relabel all the products for custom inspection of certain countries. we have shipped them to any countries.
Testosterone increases libido and helps erection, but too much testosterone binded into the prostate's hormonal receptors will overheat the prostate, resulting in premature ejaculation. DHT helps penile expansion - my ballooning method needs DHT. Don't let too much testosterone and DHT bind to the hormonal receptors in the prostate. Old men tends to have too much DHT binding in the prostate tissues. Plant hormones can disbind testosterone and DHT off the prostate tissue. ViaGrowth products contain a lot of plant hormones.
On the other hand, too much stress hormones in the bloodstreams will block hGH and DHEA production, resulting in weakening erection due to a lack of the erection mediator Nitric Oxide. Withour hGH and DHEA, injcting testosterone will result in hyerpactivating the sypmathetic nervous system to exhaust the parasympathetic energy reservation. On the other hand, you have to activate the liver function to stop or reduce testosterone-to-estrogen conversion - the Aromatisation Process.
My formulas emulate the Chinese Emperor/Empress herbal formulas with the modern biochemical science to do the job for you. You can say "ViaGrowth-IV is a product packing the 5000-year wisdom and modern science in one bottle."
The ingredients in ViaGrowth-IV can be found in the brain, liver, heart, adrenal glans, kidney, prostate, penis, uterus, ovary, placenta and other organs. I have emulated the traditional Chinese Emperor/Empress herbal formulas without using the animal organs, in particular, dog and tiger penises which contain a lot of androstenedione (testosterone precusor), testosterone, DHEA, hGH, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). We don't have to kill animals for replenishing our sexual functions any more! I also add a lot of plant hormones extracting from from gemmating seeds (growth factors) and tonic plants to help the brain, cardiovascular, liver, adrenal, prostate and testicular functions, and help testosterone and DHT free from the hormonal receptors in the heart, prostate, penis, uterus, and head-skin tissues, and prevent testosterone from binding by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) that makes testosterone become useless. I am very proud of this achievement.
This formula not only power penile erection or clitorial/G-spot engorgement, but also increase the flexibility and ealsticity of muscles and ligaments to kill pains/cramps in the back/shoulder/neck, gions, low back/tail bone, and low adomen, to resolve PMS/intercourse/orgasmic pains and cramps, and to restore the uterine position from uterine prolasing and tipping.

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