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Case Study: Causes and Solutions of mildlife depression, erection and Sexual Orgasm problems
Reader 1: 2/16/2000>

I am a 42 yr old guy, I recently started taking an antidepressant....before starting the antidepressant, I had very limited succes achieving and maintaining erections....yet I have had a full physical...and everything has tested normal...with a testosterone count near the lower end of the scale...I also recently started testosterone injections..and the erectile drug vi?g?a (the trade marked name not allowed here), with limited success, and have not been able to achieve an erection satisfactory enough for penetration...this has put me into a cycle of depression and unhappy relationships, and now with the antidepressant..It has affected my libido even more. Is there any anti-depressant that will not have this effect? what else should I be doing? should I be seeing another specialist other that my uroligist? what can you suggest that will help?
Dr. Lin:2/17/2000>

Yes! Plus, you are experiencing the midlife transition called "Male Menopaus" that causes your depression.
Your liver function slows down. The weakening (aging) liver function becomes less efficient to convert the foods you eat into amino acids and hormonal-building substances for the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), DHEA, testosterone, and the erection mediator Nitride Oxide (NO). In addition, the aging adrenal medulla produces too much stress hormones that block hormone receiptors in the body and further limit the DHEA production by the adrenal cortexes. With a lack of the hormones and NO and a overflooding of stress hormones, you feel very old for yourself. Stress gives you pains in the neck and shoulders, as a result of deficiency hormones and blood congestion in the local tissues and neurons. In fact, stress hormones affects the health of your entire body from the brain down to the sex organs.
Thses factors cause chronic health problems, including sexual dysfunction.
Most people know stress kill people in silence. But, no many people know how to overcome stress. Our program to rejuvante the body for health, love and sex includes our dietary supplement ViaPal-hGH-D or -X, plus daily mild exercise to sweat stress hormones out of your body.
Our ViaPal-hGH-D or -X are the formulas to repower the brain/nervous, cardioviscular, endocrine and liver functions, reduces the stress hormonal production by the adrenal medulla, and blocks the stress hormonal receiptors (preventing the binding of stress hormones) in the tissues so that you can sweat stress hormonal out easily. These formulas are to promote the parasympathetic function (the acetylcholine system in the brain/nervous function, or Yin Chi in the Chinese Medical Concept) in each organ to assist the sympathetic function (the dopamine-norepinephrine in the brain-nervous-adrenal axis, or Yang Chi). When the parasympthetic nervous function stores bioelectric energy in the sex organ, it actuates erection or engorgement.
With these products, you will get rid of depression without antidepressant, have more erection and hold it much longer. For your imformation, they are listed in Items 3-009 and Item 3-012 in

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