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Case Study: Over-maturnation for shrinking the penis, weakening erection and resulting in no sexual orgasm
Reader 1: 2/3/2000>
I'm wondering what age does boys masturbates? I am 18 now, i started it when i was 16. is it healthy to masturbate everyday? and why does i feel sleepy after ejaculation?

Reader 2: 2/5/2000>
Ok, I used to masterbate alot and my penis seems to have shrunk alittle since then, for instance, it was up to about six and a half and then when i stopped it went down to six and i know it was bigger before i started masturbating alot. I used to masturbate about 1-5 times a day usually about 2. What can i do to keep a healthy size or posibly enlarge my penis. I also experience after masturbation a limp kind of shrunken penis and it just doesnt look that healthy. Please give me advice or options. Thank you for you time.

Dr. Lin:2/6/2000>

You are considered over-masturbation if you masturbate more once a day constantly at your teenage. The older should masturbate the less without feeling exhasted, fatigued and depressive A healthy masturbation can unlock the brains's hormone negative feedback controller which is triggered by the over-flooding of testosterone in the body. For women, it is the esrogen neagtive feedback controller which is frequently triggered by the overloading of birth control pill and/or estrogen replacement therapy.
Ejaculation not only discharge semen/sperm, it also burn out testosterone that costantly recharge your central nervous system, and causes the bioelectric energy discharge in both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous divisions, like the discharge of a car battery. When the bioelectric resting postential in the parasympathetic channel is low (below -70 mV), you won't erect your penis and feel sleepy after ejaculation. Then the brain re-sets the body in the sleeping mod to restore your energy with the free testosterone in the bloodstream and recharge the nervous system that also command the endocrine function to proudce more DHEA and testosterone for compensation of the testosterone and DHEA consumed by sexual acitivities. This recharge circuit is the same as the car charge system. You ignite the engine by consuming the electric energy stored in the battery and then the running engine performs recharge of the battery.
The car light-on when the engine is not runing, consumes energy like the sympathetic nervous divison does, that discharge the electric energy stored in the parasympathetic nervous division. When the parasympathetic sexual nerve is charged, the penis is acctuated to erect. When the sympathetic sexual nerve triggers ejaculation, the penile-actuation resting potential (Direct-Current voltage) is discharged in forms of power surges (the Alternate-Current Voltage riding over the resting potential (DC voltage), with a major pathway along the spinal cord, but also radiating allover the body.
When you overmasturbate, you continuously burn out free testosterone before your endocrine system can give you a full replenishment. When your testosterone is too low, both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous divisions are undercharged. A low bioelectric level of the parasympathetic nervous division will make your organs malfunction. Without sufficient bioenergy in the parasympathetic sexual nerve, your erection will become limps and experience the penile shrinkage no matter how old you are. The penis consists of three blood balloons that are supposed to be inflatable under the parasympathetic function. One of the most sensible malfunctions is that the eyes becomes very sensitive to sunlight. Another visible problem caused by this is that the waist becomes powerless. It becomes very difficult to lift up a weight with the waist muscles and ligamnets by bending your body forward. You can see a lot of workers wearing a wide waist belt to prevent overstretching of the waist muscles and ligaments. Our products ViaGrowth-II, -III and -IV can help men to lift up more weight without a waist belt.
When the bioelectric level of your sympathetic nervous division is too low, you will experience depression, which is the another side effect of over-masturbation and over-ejaculation.
Our products are formulated to solve these problems by powering the parasympathetic function (the acetylcholine action which is called Yin Chi in the Chinese Medical Concept) and then elevating the sympathetic function (the dopamine-norepinephrine action which is called Yang Chi in the Chinese Medical Concept.)
If you are a teenager you can still reverse your penile shrinkage problem by reducing masturbation frequency to no more than once a day. To do so, you have to eat less ret meat and dairy products (30-50% reduction) and have more seeds/nuts, soy products, fresh vegetables and fruits. Have more outdoor exercises please.
If you are in your 20-25, you have to eat right too, and take ViaGrowth-I/FibraTea + Ginseng Power Max 4x, LoveLonger or LastLonger for couples months.
After age 25, you need theraptical dietary supplements such as ViaGrowth-II (age 25-35), ViaGrowth-III (age 30-40), or ViaGrowth-IV (old than 35), plus Ginseng Power Max 4X. These products are listed in

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