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Case Study: ViaPal-hGH-D works great for the former erectile-drug user; how to initiate her sexual orgasm and to avoid her feeling peeing after intensifying G-spot stimulation
Reader: 2/2/2000>
}-{i Lovebug
a couple of questions!!!
1.) i am a vi?gr? (the erectile trade-marked drug name not allowed here) user and i recently ordered ViaPal-hGH-D. it worked great. I don't need the erectile drug any more. if i want Heat Tea for my Lady...what other items do i need to order from you?? and what should she take from the above package?
2.)i have been practicing many of the techniques from your CD...in order to bring my lady to an orgasm.....she is very close but can't seem to break over that final edge....she can have an orgasm by herself in the shower from the water...but when i apply the finger plier she gets to a point where she is gets close but then has the feeling that she has to pee...so it distracts her........any suggestions.????...(i am 44 she is 40).
PS: after applying your techniques to her ..she tells me that no man that she has ever gone out with has brought her to the levels that we have obtained together practicing what we have learned.... Thanks so much.!!!!!!....Your raving Fan.....
Dr. Lin:2/3/2000>

I think she needs one more step to orgasm. She will be very sucessful to initiate her first orgasm in her life after continue the current practices with the following hints.
1). Heat Tea is Item 3-001 and the other suggested items are ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea and Ginseng Power Max 4X.
If she has ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea and Ginseng Power Max 4x, she doesn't need Heat Tea.
Instruction is always enclosed in the package.
For example, Taking ViaGrowth-III or -IV and drinking the tea mixed by 1 dropper of each component 1 hour before sex, her testosterone level in the bloodstream will go up about 80%. If let her watch a porn move at the same time, her testosterone level will be almost tripped. With this testsosterone level, you can help her to grow her testosterone receptor sites along her urethral spongy tissues, particularily, in her G-spot and Epicenter. Her urethral spongy tissue is the same as the penile one; her glans clitoris is the same as your glans penis; her G-spot as your trigger zone; her Epicenter as your prostate, both of which are supposed to be full of the testosterone receptors for very orgasmic men and women.
These products are to feed the testosterone receptors from her clitral glans down to her Epicenter. Upon a highly sexual stimulation with the Finger Plier Method, the entire urethral spongy tissue from the glans to the Epicenter should be engorged like a power-up penis. The clitoris and G-spot are popped out, the urethral spongy tissues is swollen into the vaginal ceiling like a upside-down ridge and the vagina is tented up, as shown in
And, she will feel an expansion pressure in her pelvic cavity.
2. The Finger Plier Method serves many purposes. First one is to help women develop the testosterone receptors in the G-spot and Epicenter. Particularily, the Epicenter is considered as the Orgasmic Pacemaker, which is considered as a degenerated prostate in the female body. The testosterone receptors in the Epicenter plays the major role for female orgasm. Without sufficient testosterone receptors in the Epicenter for trapping enough testosterone to burn, the bioelectric potential in the sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves there will becomes insufficient and ineffectively to communicate with the brain's nervous control center and the hypothamalus/pituitary. The Finger Plier massage will induce the hormone-enriched blood (with the supplements) to feed the receptors and to increase its sensivity and expansibility. I discovered this method in 1972-4. This is the only way to help women develop the life-term orgasm capacity.
Feeling peeing is a result of the intensification stimulation on the G-spot prior to a full engorgement of the entire urethral spongy tissues, like the pneile erection.
This problem is very common for women whose testosterone receptors along the urethral tissues have not fully developed yet. To help her develop the testosterone receptors there and overcome this problem,
1. She should take the suppelemnt (ViaGrowth-III or IV) Daily, and have another tablet of the suppement and drink Heat Tea or Fibra + Ginsseng Power max 30-60 minutes (prefering 60 minutes) prior to sex.
2. Let her watch a porn movies and Massage her pubis, grions, labia major and then clitoral shaft first with lubricant such as Vitamin-E oil, for 5-10 minutes, as hown in
3. Then apply the Finger Plier to massage the left and right sides of G-spot (her urethra) and extend the massage deeper and deeper to her Epicenter when her vagina is expanding. I call this method "the Screwing Finger Plier Method (see the attached graph). Once her vagina is fully expanded, then you can focus the stimulation on the lefe side of her urethra (or the 1 o'clock position from your viewpoint) as shown Fgplierx.jpg in Chapter 3, where the outsided curved finger acts on the upper-left corner of her clitoral shaft and the insided curved finger exerts a high-ptressure stimulation along her urethral nerve between her G-spot and Epicenter. You will find her urethral spongy tissue ejects a upside-down ridge on her vaginal ceiling. Don't apply too much pressure on the top (the 12-oclock position) of the urethral ridge. If you do soft, she may feel peeing. I wonder the direct high-pressure stimulation on the 12-oclock position all the time may overstimulate the urethra nerve, leading to female ejaculation from the urethral wall.
Note: you will also find out her vagina is a big hollow tube of about 2-3 inches in diameter and 4-6 inches in depth when her vagina is fully tented up and expanded. Do you worry about your penis is too small to fill it up? Don't worry! The fully-expanded vaginal tube can be flatted and shortened by certain love positions, such as which bend her legs toward her shoulders and compress her low abdomen. The following love positions in the Appendix are to shorten the expanded vagina for a heavy stimulation on her G-spot and Epicenter in each strokes:
4. HorseRider Stance II, 5. High Impact I, 6. High Impact II, 7. High Impact III (A Big Bird Soars Over a Dark Ocean: TAO-26), 8. High Impact IV, 12. Double-Body Motion I.
On the the hand, the high-attack angle love positions can stimulate the G-spot/Epicenter without overstimulating the penile trigger zone if men can have a hard erection. They are: 3. HorseRider Stance I, 13. A Phoenix Frolis at Cinnabar Hole (TAO-25), 14. The Horse's Shaking Hooves (TAO-20), 11. Outdoor Fun (The Wild Horse Leaps : TAO-18.
The 3-Point Excitation Positions - 16 High-Speed 3-point Excitation (I) and 17 High-Speed 3-point Excitation (II) - 18. Female Wall Squat for Coitus Alignment Technique (CAT) and 19. Alternat 3-point Excitation Methods (low speed stimulation) - Advanced CAT are the deep-penetration love positions that rotates the penile attack angle along the G-spot/Epicenter in a stroke. The 3-Point Excitation Position is the most violent stimulation method against the Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter or the enire female urethral nerves.

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