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Case Study: Solutions for Endometrial hyperplasia and sexual orgasm
Reader: 2/2/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin
I have reacently started having sex with my boyfriend, I find that it's very pleasurable and become very aroused but I don't think I have experienced an orgasm before. We both have oral sex and regular intercourse but I find that when he's giving me oral intercourse I'm not comfortable with it, in fact it feels nice but doesn't drive crazy or anything like that. I find it much better when he is inside me he has tried many positions and some I like and some they are just ok. I'm always on my 5 senses while we are having sex but in a high state of arousal at least I think of it. But I'm conscious I don't know what's wrong with me. I think he does everything ok. WE both touch each other, kiss, hold each other and all those things I find that I like but I don't think if I'll ever experience an orgasm. I haven't talked to him about this since I don't know what's wrong with me yet. I also have noticed that if he's inside of me and I close my legs I feel more pleasure but since that blocks him from entering me totally. What can I do to have an orgasm? one thing that worries me is not being wet enough sometimes not being aroused that fast? is that normal? How will I know that I'm experiencing an orgasm? in all the times that I had sex with my boyfriend which has been for the past 2 months have been my first times. All I experienced is a lot of pleasure but I don't sweat I don't feel my heart pumping fast. what can I do?
Now him he does I think, when he supposedly has an orgasm he becomes crazy, starts pumping faster, sweats a lot, his heart rate is faster, and can't talk for a few seconds. Is he having an orgasm? How can I intensify his orgasm or make him have more than one orgasm? Also when we touch he does get a hard on but it can become soft again, he does not ejaculate right away but sometimes he does and sometimes he can be hard for a long time is that normal? How can I know if he's having an orgasm? Can you please let me know explicitly?. And what can I do to make him have multiple orgasms? keep a erection for a long time and feel stronger with it? Now do you have some teas or herbs for him for all this that I have asked? the teas will be much better than pills he would not take pills at all..
I would forever be greatful if you can help me and if you could let me know exactly what to do, and what are the products that we need their names.. I'll thank you inmmensely.
Dr. Lin:2/3/2000>

Endometrial hyperplasia is the overgrowth of the endometrial tissues, as a result of too much estrogen binded to the uterine smoother muscle receptors, or too many estrogen receptors developed in the uterine smooth muscle binding too much estrogen, or high blood levels of estrogen stimulating uterine hyperplasia.
This problem is very similar to the prostate enlargement.
At the same time, the estrogen receptors spread or take over the testosterone receptors in the uterine smooth muscle. With testosterone deficiency in this uterine contractile muscle, the muscle loses its elasticity and contratibility, sexual orgasm (the powerful uterine contraction) will cause a lot of pains and cramps which can spread from the low abdomen to the anal/tailbone muscle. Men with a low testrosterone level in the prostate muscle have experienced the same problem too.
My suggested solutions for you are;
1. Balance your testsoterone and estrogen level in the the uterine contractile muscle.
2. Use plant hormones/plant estrogen (about 1/1000 strenghten of your estrogen) to take over your uterine hormone receptors. This mechanism is the same as that of shrinking the prostate back, where plant hormones/plant estrogen take over the hormones recepors and disbind excess hormones out of the receptors sites.
3. Feed your uterine muscle more free testosterone to increase the flexibility and contractibility of your uterus upon sexual encounter.
ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea(item 1-005) contains all essential ingredients to help you out.

By the way, you should eat a lot of seeds, nuts, soy products, fresh vegeatbles and fruits, and avoid red meat and dairy products that contain too much artifical animal growth hormones.

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