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Case Study: Natural Clitoral Enlargement Method for sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/31/2000>
My wife hardly has a clitoral hood and thus the clitoris is very rarely exposed. What can be done or used to increase the size of the clitoris?
Dr. Lin:2/1/2000>
The flaccid clitoral size doesn't nothing with her libido or orgasm capcity.
The glans clitoris is like the glans penis. Their erection power is an indication of the degree of her testosterone burst and burning. Generally speaking, in the pre-orgasm state, the clirois, including the shaft and glans, is powered up to an extreme size, about 5-6 times of its size in the flaccid state. Thus, the clitoral power-up, an indicator of the full engorgement of the entire urethral tissues, G-spot and Epicenter, and the vaginal expansion, is the same as the penile power-up, both of which leads to a sequence of mutiple orgasmic contraction.
The clitroal and G-spot power-up will open the sexual energy gate in the clitoral root, the othe side of the G-spot across the urethra, for orgasmic waves to run up to the head and heart, along the Conception Vessel of the accupuncture network, in the front center body.
The developement of the clitoris size in the beginning, and pre-orgasm or orgasm state is shown in
(where labia and pubis massages starts to pop the glans clitoris out)
(shich shows the intial and pre-orgasmic clitoris)
(which details the clitoral power-up to develop orgasmic responses.
If you have observed the clitoral development during sex, you will emphasize how to power the clitoris up during sex. I can call this approach the "Natural Clitoral Enlargement Method", in comparing with the "Natural Penile Enlargement Method, as described in
To power u[p the clitoris, you have to massage her pubic, grions and labia major to induce the blood circulation and testosterone burst and burning down there, and then apply my Finger Plier Method to screw her clitoral shaft, urethral nerve and vaginal ceiling (G-spot and Epicenter). In fact, a combination of the clitoral shaft, urethral nerve, and vaginal ceiling is the same as your penile shaft and prostate. The female Epicenter tissue and nerve are the degenerated prostate. Her G-spot is the same (location and nerve) as your trigger zone in
If her body has a lot of testosterone, her clitoris will be alway in semi-power-up state. You won't see her clitoris powering up unless her endocrine function produces a testosterone burst and burning. many of our long-term customers have observed the power-up clitoris with our supplements ViaGrowth-III/Fibra (Item 1-004) or Heat Tea (Item 3-001)
with my Screwing Finger Plier Method, as decsribed in
My advice is given in
Warning: Any mechanic devices and injection in an attempt to enlarge the clitoris will destroy the clitoral nerves and sensitivity for no orgasm. Frequent use of vibrators will also desensitize the clitoris. Over-stimulation of the clitoris by hand jobs longer than 20-30 minutes will also temporarily numb the clitoris, unless she has a lot of testosterone to burn down there.
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