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Case Study: How to reverse young men's impotency for hard erection and sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/31/2000>
My boyfriend, at 23 years old, can't get his penis hard anymore! He has never had a problem with this until a few months back. Well, first of all, he used to always take Ginseng....constantly. He said something along the lines that it either made his penis harder or he got turned on easier, I don't know something like that. I told him that he should stop taking those pillse because in time, it may have the REVERSE effect of what he says the pills do for him. Well, he caught some small virus and stopped using Ginseng and started taking Viatimins C, B, and Zinc to get rid of the virus. That's when he started having problems getting his penis hard. He's stopped taking those viatimins now and is back on his Ginseng 'kick' again. However, the strange thing is that we've noticed that a few times his penis got hard, just like it used to....but it didn't last but a minuit or so. So I was just wondering if you had any clue as to what could be wrong or anything that we could look into as to getting his penis back to normal. Please if you could respond to this email somehow because I have been trying for a few months now to seek help on the internet and no one has sent me any kind of response.
Dr. Lin:1/31/2000>
Generally, young men's impotency is a result of over-masturbation in their adolescence, and over-ejaculation in the past or current sexual practice.
I can sense he always ejaculate more than 1 times in every love session until he completely empty his semen and testosterone. His sexual practice is like the bee mating where the male bee will continue to ejaculate until it dies. A lot of male insects die for sex this way. He has experienced sexual exhaustion. He will become a useless young man in term of sex if he continue his current practice.
No medicine or God can save him unless he wants to save himself.
He must stop intercourse or masturbation before he can have a spantaneous (natural) erection without masturbation, oral sex or hand jobs. He should take ViaGrowth-I/FibraTea (item 1-002) and Ginseng Power Max 4X (item 2-007) to restore his sexual function.
Once his body is restored, he must change his sexual practice: Limit no more one ejaculation in two consecutive days. To reduce his ejaculation frequency, he must learn sexual skills to make you come. One powerful orgasm can make you feel loved for 2-3 days. Your powerful orgasm will unload his perfromace pressure for him to regulate his ejaculate frequency..
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