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Case Study: Love Positions, Lovemaking methods, erection and sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/29/2000>
Hello. I am 35 and just got married last year. I have been single for many years previous to that. To satisfy myself, I masturbated and could always bring myself to an orgasm. Now that I'm with a man, I can't have one. I try to relax and masturbate while we're having sex together but I just can't let go, like when I'm by myself. It is driving me crazy that he can't make me orgasm. PLEASE help me. We watch xxx movies, play with vibrators...we're even considering having a woman join us so she can try make me have one. I just don't know what to do anymore.
Dr. Lin:1/30/2000>
Three advices:
1. He doesn't have your G-spot/Epicenter stimulated during sex. The possible causes: his weak erection or improper love position. The female Epicenter is the same as the male prostate. The Epicenter is the degenerated prostate. Both are equiped with autorhythmic fibers to pace the orgasmic contraction. Both sensory nerves relays a signal to the pituitary for a burst of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin when the bioelectric level of autorhythmic fibers is approaching to -40 mV, under which the sex organs of both sexes are expanded to the extreme maximums. I consider both of them are the Orgasm Pacemaker.
To effectively stimulate the G-spot/Epicenter, it requires a lot of stimulation pressure. Thus, it requires a hard penis with a high-attack angle, as shown in
or use my 3_Point Excitation Position as shown in
where the stimulation rate is 2.5 strokes per second, the maximum stimulation rate we can reach. Make sure that both of your lovetools are fully powered-up before both of you execute this high-impact, high-speed and long-stroke stimulation, as shown in
You can ask him to use my Finger Plier Method to understand this exitation mechanism, as shown in
The Finger Plier method uses two curved fingers - one exerting on the upleft of your clitoral shaft/base and another curved-up finger stimulating between the G-spot and Epicenter. That finger inside your vagina must be curved up; otherwise, it can not reach your G-spot which is behind the clitoris.
Concerning his erection, I assume that most men after age 35 may start to experience weak erection. I don't know if he has this problem. If yes, ViaGrowth-III/Fibra (Item 1-004) + Ginseng Power Max 4x (Item 2-007) for men younger than 40 or 45, or ViaPal-hGH-D (item 3-012) for men older than 35, can solve his probelm.
2. One more thing: You need a simultaneous stimulation of your G-spot/Epicenter and Clitoris. The sexual energy gate is located in the root of the clitoris, the opposite side of the G-spot across the urethra. Vaginal orgasm is caused by the uterin contraction that sends the major orgasmic energy out of this gate to the heart and forehead along the Conception Vessel of the Accupunture Networks in the front central body. This gate must open bofore the uterus starts to contract. This energy gate can be openned by diret cltroal stimulation or by the indirect stimulation of the clitoral root through the high-pressure stimulation wave between the G-spot and Epicenter. The indirect stimulation requires a very hard penis working at the high speed 2.5 strokes per second and with a very high attack angle. In this case, your wall-squat posture must bend your legs toward your shoulders as possible as you can, and with a deep compressed abdomen. This love position is called A-Big-Bird-Soars-Over-a-Dark-Ocean or TAO-26, in which his upper body soars over yours with your legs widely openned and bended toward your shoulder. My 3-Point Excitation Position is easy way to go for you since you take fully control of the stimulation speed, stroke and spots. Yes, it produces Volcano-type orgasms - Level-6 or 7.
3. If you are on Birth Control Pill, you may have to chang your birth control method. It is well-known that the pill can castrate women very effectively. However, the pill won't affect clitoral orgasm that much since clitoral orgasm requires no Oxytocin to stimulate the uterine contraction. Clitoral orgasm does not have uterine contration. The pill dampens the secretion of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin and increases the orgasm inhibitor Prolactin. If you are on the pill and don't won't want give it up, you need Heat Tea (Item 3-001) to help you out, <
Anyway, your testosterone level is one of the factor affecting your orgasm capscity.
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