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Case Study: The Epicenter (the female degeberated prostate) Stimulation, Love Positions and the Penile Ballooing Method for sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/29/2000>
Dr Lin, I would like to ask you where exactly is the female's epicenter and how long a penis does it take to reach it using your 3-point excitation method and position. And can your ballooning method(massaging base and foot of penis)alone enable me to enlarge my penis?? Thank you for your time
Dr. Lin:1/30/2000>
The female Epicenter is the degenerated male prostate. Both the prostate and Epicenter contains autorhythmic fibers. That is why I call both of them "the Orgasmic Pacemaker."
The Epicenter is located in the inferior side of the bladder, about the same location as the prostate. It is between the bladder and cervix, at the end of the vagina.
Its depth is about depends on the degree of the vaginal expansion (or the female arouse) and individual. The range of its depth is given in
It requires a 6" or longer penis to effectively stimulate this vaginal pocket in the most love positions. A fully powered-up penis is more than sufficient to stimulate this point.
On the other hand, this vital point can become an inch shallower in certain love positions where the female upper body is bended and curved toward the legs (or the legs are forced toward the shoulders or head) to compress her low abdomen. ALl love positions with the female wall-squat posture can make this point more accessible for a short penis.
Stimulating this point requires a fully expanded vagina to avoid intercourse or orgasmic pains/cramps. Once the vaginal is expanding, stimulating this point will relay a signal to the pituitary for a burst of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin that stimulate the uterine contraction - orgasm.
To use the Ballooning Method to expand the penis, you must have a spantanous (Natural) erection without oral or hand jobs and a powerful endocrine function to produce a testosterone burst and burning to supercharge the parasympathetic sexual nerve for holding up the erection without contracting the prostate muscle.
By the way, you must be able to hold ejaculation back several times, at least 3 times. To achieve this, you must practice Sexual ChiKong to stop ejaculation. Please read
Sexual Chikong articles are listed in
NOTE: The female orgasm requires opening the energy gate in the clitoral root, the other side of the G-spot across the urethral tube. To open this energy gate, diret stimulation of the clitoris or indirect stimulation of the clitoral root produced by the elastic waves on the vaginal lining between the G-spot and Epicenter is essential. The most effective method to open the energy gate and to trigger her orgasm at the same time is either my 2-point or 3-point Excitation Method. If this energy gate is not open, the sexual energy will be trapped at the Epicenter, resulting in no orgasm and the pelvic congestion. That means, the Epicenter won't relay a signal to pituitary for a Oxytocin burst to initiate the uterine contraction.
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