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Case Study: Hair regrowth, erection power, and Finger Plier Method for sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/29/2000>
I bought your cd-rom a while back and have been reading it in my spare time. Very informative book. I had some questions relating to portions of the book and some other things.
1. When using the finger pliers you said outside finger on upper left of clitoral base. Is the males veiwpoint or the females veiwpoint.
2. Describe the penile ballooning/power up method one could use when alone and how many times a week should this be done and duration of each session.
3. When will I start to see permanent results from the penile balooning method and what causes the hidden portion of the penis to be pushed out.
4. Sometimes can only get 2 to 3 oclock erection when on the verge of orgasm. Other than that it goes limp to the 3 to 4 oclock postion. Have hard time maintaining hard erection.
5. How can you tell how much forskin you have left if you are circumsized.
6. Like your opinion on jelq or milking half erect penis to increase size. Have been doing it for a month and have noticed an increase in girth. Had blood in the ejaculate a couple times. Is this the result of over milking or something else.
7. Proper way to measure penis size. Do you press ruler into skin against pubic bone or not.
8. Suggest some of your products that will help restore and increase penis size,hardness, and erection angle for a 27 year old male.
9. somewhat unrelated subject but what can help prevent hailoss and regrow hair other that propecia.
Your website is the best thing going on the internet. I hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Lin:2/1/2000>
1. The females viepoint. use you right-hand Finger Plier. Let your palm face 45-90 degrees upward and curve both fingers, one acting on the G-spot and Epicenter and the other on the Clitoral base. Perform a screw motion in and out with a light pressure in the initial stage. Once the vagina is expanding and G-spot and Clitoris are growing, increase the stimulation pressure and focus the stimulation to the 1-o'clock position from your viewpoint. That is it.
2. 3-4 times a week. the most important is that you must be able to hold ejaculation back 3-5 times. You must take the advantage of the extreme penile size at the moment when you are almost ejaculate. Your female partner can notice the sudden increase of the stimulation sensitivity in her G-spot and Epicenter when you are about to come. This is because your penis expaned to an extrem size. But, you must hold the almost-ejaculateion moment up. Repeat 3-5 times holding-it-back. The penile size will increase in each holding-it-back and the penile sensitivity will gradually decrease! You can do it along or have sex with this practice.
3. Practice this method for 30-40 minutes without ejaculating. When you feel there is an explosive pressure built up in the pelvic/perineum areas, that is it. It requires a lot of testsoterone to burn. Generally speaking, if you can hold a powerful erection with the explosive pressure, you get it; otherwise, you lose it. Now, the problem is how long you can achieve hold erection under sexual stimulation without ejaculation. You can master this method in 3-6 months as long as your testosterone level is high. This invloves the applications of Sexual ChiKong and anal Breathing methods that help prevent ejaculation.
4. Holding an erection requires a testosterone burst and burning to charge the parasympathteic nervous system, and in turn, elevate the concetration of the erection mediator Nitride Oxide (NO).
You can make it hard and longer with ViaGrowth-III/Fibra and Ginseng Power Max 4x. Regarding this practice, a female sexual partner will be helpfully. Her sexual energy at her Epicenter can help you power up your penis
5. How much Foreskin is available for stretching the penis? When your penis is fully erected, do your feel a contricting pressure against your glans penis? If not, your foreskin is still enough to give extra inches.
6. Milking or Jelq - I use my penile shaft massage method as described in the CD_ROM. As long as the penis is powered up, compressing the lower portion and massaging the superior side of the penile shaft will force the blood in to expand the glans. When I pull my penis out of the vagina, I always do that. The reason: Expanding the glans (40% increase!) can help me last longer because the internal expansion blood pressure will block the urethral nervous transmission to the prostate from the trigger zone in the inferior side of the glans neck.
7. Yes! use a ruler to measure it from the pubic bone (the skin is very thin!) to the glans end.
8. ViaGrowth-III/fibra (Item 1-004) + Ginseng Power Max 4x (Item 2-007) in
9. Regrow hair - A Japanese study, published in Scientific American,
shows that Grape Seed Extract can help old, bold mice regrow hair. This conclusion has been mentioned in "Men's Health" this month issue. I believe that! Grape seed extract can strengthen the heart and shrink the prostate.
ViaGrowth-IV (item 1-005) contains 20 mg grape seed extract and a lot of plant hormones to free testosterone and DHT from the hormone receptors in the tissues. Once DHT is removed from the receptors and the grape-seed chemical (one of plant hormones) is in, the hair may regrow. I use this product to prevent my hair loss and stop gray hair. So far so good. But, we need more time and more experiments to prove it.
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