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Case Study: Solution for the male delayed sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/25/2000>
I notice in the mornings that I can obtain a very powerful erection. However, my sensitivity is VERY low. We can have sex forever, but I will have sensation up to a certain point and can not get past it. Sometimes with some strong manual stimulation, my wife helps me to orgasm. This is a frustrating feeling. In the evenings or during the day this is not a problem. Any clues?
Dr. Lin:1/26/2000>
Your stronger erection blocks the urethral nervous transmission between the glans and prostate. This is the same as the result produced by my Penile Ballooning Method, as described in
When I balloon my penis to 140% of my spantaneous erection, my penis becomes numbed and I can last for 90-120 minutes (My wife and I become too tired for more than 90 minute non-stop intercourse - love action! It is like running 30 mile crosscountry! We prefer 10-20 minute petting and warning up, 40-60 minute love action and 10-20 minute post-orgasmic petting, kissing and hugging.)
To resolve this problem, you can take L-Tyrosine or DL-Phenylalanine (chocolate contains these chemicals) to power your brain's dopamine system (sympathetic function). When the Dopamine action (Yang Chi) goes too high, it will turn on the sympathetic motor nerve to the prostate for orgasm and you will come easily.

Reader: 1/26/2000 Thank you Dr Lin for such a quick reply. I realize now the issue with the L-Tyrosine, since I have hypo-thyroidism (they burned-off too much thyroid) and must take thyroxine forever. Hence, when the thyroid hormone is low, I am generally sluggish. I had not tied this to the lack of sexual sensitivity, but it sure makes sense now.
I have surfed your site several times, but I am still a bit confused on which remedy to choose for powering up for both me and my wife. The vaginal expansion, and cervical/uterine tenting-up (or the penile ballooning for men) will relay a signal to the pituitary to start secretion of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin, which leads you to orgasm once the G-spot or Epicenter is stimulated. What should we use for this result?
Dr. Lin: 1/27/2000>
Your medication seems to deactivate your sympathetic function unless you run out of the preserved energy in the parasympathetic nervous system. It seems your brain dopamine system is sluggish; no much norepinephrine is synthesized. Norepinephrine (or Non-adrenaline) is a happy neurotransmitter in the sympathetic nervous channel. This chemical massage (the Yang Chi generator) can help relax the smooth muscle of the female and male sex organs to power up upon the chain action of the parasympathetic function (acetylcholine action or Yin-Chi action) with sufficient Nitric Oxide (NO). When the sex organs are expanded to an extreme, the sex organs generated a signal to the pituitary for the burst of orgasm hormone Oxytocin (that initiate orgasmic contraction) and to the adrenal medulla for a burst of stress hormone adrenaline that triggers the sympathetic nervous system to excute the "Flight or Fight" (That is, Erection whithdraw or Ejaculation) command.
The sympathetic function controls your orgasm and ejaculation. You have to uplift your dopamine system.
Our products ViaGrowth series can power both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous channels in the brain, the liver and the edocrine system.
ViaGrowth-III and ViaGrowth-IV are the most powerful formulas. ViaGrowth-IV is formulated based upon the assumption that the aging or aged body cannot synthetic hormone-building blocks or amino acids that are essential to produce significant levels of human growth hormone, DHEA, testosterone and NO for powering the sex organs. So, it gives the body all the essential ingredients in a tablet.
ViaGrowth-IV is a spectrum nutrition for men and women.
For women younger than 45, ViaGrowth-III/FibraTea will be sufficient unless they are on birth control pill or other medications, under which conditions they need Heat Tea . Our experiements shows the clitoris and G-spot or the entire urethral tissues can be swollen to 5 times in size when women take ViaGrowth-III/FibraTea + Ginseng Power Max 4x 1 or 2 hours before sex and watch a 10-15 minute porn movie during sex, as shown in
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