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Case Study: Sexual ChiKong, sexual orgasm without ejaculation, and orgasmic ejaculation
Reader: 1/23/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I have found your web page, very interesting and informative. I have a serious question for you regarding sexual orgasm without ejaculation for men.
I am currently 25 and have no sexual partner, but I practice chi gung, nei gung and chinese internal arts daily (1-2 hours a day). I have been doing this for the last 5 years.
I was worried about the loss of chi from ejaculation, so I did research to learn to have orgasm without ejaculation. It took a lot of practice, but it finally worked.
To do this for me, I practice slow and press on a spot between my anus and testicles and I contract the PC muscles. I also hold my breath and do the same as I would with "grand circulation" as one of my gong fu teachers taught me.
I have the orgasm and I send the chi up to my head and my ears then roar with a sound like rushing water. I circulate the chi and store in bones and dan tien for martial arts reasons.
I cannot do this as well (or as fast) without pressing the spot.
Any advice? Am I doing this right? I saw about your sexual chi gong, and I will try it. I imagine this is harder to do while making love to a woman. Women are crazy, so that is another story. :)
Please let me know if this sounds ok. I was worried about health reasons for supressing ejacutlation. Is there any threat of prostate cancer, or long term affects? I feel much better when I do this. Sometimes, if my chi is strong, my Baihui will open in head and anus and I feel universal chi come through. It seems very good! :)
I hope you are not too busy to write back, and thank you.
Xie Xie, Lin Daifu
Dr. Lin:1/25/2000>
What you practice is to emulate the prostate-muscle contraction (orgasmic contraction) without the prostate contraction (orgasmic ejaculation).
I think you do it right.
You can extend this practice to the tail bone muscle, so that one day you don't have to press the prostate muscle.
My sexual ChiKong has been developed to interfer with the prostate nervous response to sexual stimulation on the penile and at the same time, return the sexual energy form the prostate back to the brain via the spinal cord (water pathway) and Governing Vessel (fire pathway).
It is very easy to practice the sexual ChiKongs (Tai-Chi Yin-Kong and Anal Breathing Method) with my lovemaking positions which are derived from the Horse-ride posture (or Horse-stand posture in Tai-Chi).
Simple tricks are: Apply a pressure to the bladder (or Sink the Chi to Dan-Tan) while inhaling halfway, and contract anal-tailbone muscle to brige the Chi from the prostate (CV-1 of the Conceptive Vessel) to the tailbone tip (GV-1 of the Governing Vessel) in each stepwise inhaling to send a digital nervous pulse back to the brain via the spinal cord and Governing Vessel. The digital pulse will channel the sexual energy produced by the stimulation of the urethral nerve during sex, back to the brain. If the penis don't get stimulated, it will return to the flaccid state once the prostate's sexual energy is fully channelled out! To practice the sexual Chikong, you must keep your legs open.
You can try this: excite your penis to erect by massaging your scrotum and pubis or by watching a porn movie, then practice the sexual Chikong to remove the sexual energy out of the prostate.
Over-Suppressing ejaculation will deactivate the brain-testicular function once the brain's hormonal negative contoller detects there is an excess testosterone and sperm in the body. Deactivating the brain-testicular function will leads to depression. Excess testosterone in the prostate and overfilling sperm in the ejaculation duct will result in temporary premature ejaculation.
However, if you ejaculate too much, you can not circulate your Chi. When your testicular function is active, your Yin Chi (Parasympathetic or Acetylcholine action) is flooding and the Chi in the Conception Vessel goes high. When you have too much testosterone, the sympathetic function (dopamine system) becomes too active, there is too much Chi flowing from the Conception Vessel into the Governing Vessel where the Chi is extreme Yang, and the Chi of the Governing Vessel goes too high. That is, I prefer orgasm to send my Chi back to the brain via the spinal cord (the Water Pathway), rather than the Governing Vessel (the Fire Pathway). In this way, I can use the Orgasm Chi (sexual energy) to stimulate my brain's nervous-endocrine function for more DHEA and testosterone hormones, upon orgasmic ejaculation which burns a lot of tesosterone. Thus, my body starts another cycle of Yin Chi re-generation. In this way, Orgasmic ejaculation energizes my body immediately upon ejculation, so that I won't lose Chi to ejaculation. I have found that Sex makes me look younger and improve my health and immune.
If I don't have orgasm for 4 or 5 days, my nervous-endocrine functions will slow down and I feel depressed. If I have never had sex for a week, my erection will become weak and I will lose the ability to balloon my penis to 140% of my spantaneous (natural) erection since the hormonal negative feedback controller in the nervous-endocrine functions is kicked in to disable the mechanism of the testosterone burst and burning during sexual encounter. I believe that a stable sex life and constant orgasm are the keys to retain my peak performance since we started our sex life in 1974. I don't have any stress to perform. Sexual orgasm in our sex life is just like the 3 meals in a day.

Reader: 1/27/2000>
Nin Hao Dr. Lin ,
Thank you so much for getting back to me. I was not sure if you had the time to write to me! As you can see, my real name is xxxx, I was shy so I used a fake name, but I forgot my signature which had my real name! How funny! :)
I am glad that I am doing my sexual practice right. I was worried when I read your site and you said that using "million dollar point" and PC muscle was bad. That was why I wrote to you. I am very careful with my chi and sensitive, and I do not allow the pressing to damage anything in there. I need only a little pressure now and I am mostly using my chi gung ability to do this.
I felt like I was not yet at the highest level, and that I should be able to do this without pressing the spot. I am so glad to have found your website.
I wanted to ask you a few more things, when you say "contract anus-tailbone muscle" is this the same as the PC muscle, or something different? Also, can you give me a link to your sexual chi gong picture on the internet again? I found it once but I could not get to it again. I think I can figure it out since I do a lot of chi gung and internal work.
I tried it the other day, without pressing the spot (but my mind wanted to!) and I had a full ejaculation, but like you said, I still felt the chi move up my spine and my ears roared with sound. I did not feel so depleated and tired afterwards.
It will take me some practice, but I was feeling my genitals and groin area going cold but I was not paying enough attention and I messed up. More practice is need for me, but I think in time I will be able to do this. :)
Also I wanted to ask, how do you "balloon" ones penis to 140%? I know you mentioned herbs, but can this be done without them? I am interested in this, but it is not that important as I am not in a relationship and have not had sex in a long time.
I hope to find a nice women to share love with, I have many chances for sex, but I turn the women down as that is all they want. I think like many Chinese, about love and family and all of that, so I think of this practice for reasons of love and relationship stability. How do you feel about this?
I am also glad to know that it is good to ejaculate now and then, you said once a week? Please let me know if this is right.
Many many thanks for your time to write to me. I am trying to get myself healthy for a long life and I wish to learn sexual chi gong for the special lady when I meet her. If I did not tell you, I am also studying acupuncture.
So, I hope one day to be master of healing arts, martial arts, and even bedroom arts! :)
Take care, and many many thanks, black belt sexual Sifu!
Dr. Lin: 1/27/2000>
The Million-dollar Point is the accupuncture point CV-1 of the Conception Vessel. Pressing this point to stop ejaculation will irritate the prostate ejaculation control valve and conduit. It will likely to stimulate the prostate for another ejaculation even you stop semen flow. That is why I won't suggest this practice. Instead, I use the bladder and tailbone nerves to non-invasively interfer with the prostate nerve to achieve ejaculation control. This is the optical interferece principle.
Most people refer the PC muscle as the muscle between the anus and pubic bone because this muscle is the most easy one to conract upon anal contraction that stops bowel movement and peeing. Generally speaking, when you contract this muscle, you will contrict the prostate (the vagina for women) and move the penis and scrotum. The actual PC muscle runs from the pubic bone to the tail bone Accordingly, I have to emphasize the anus-tailbone muscle which theoretically is outside the PC muscle. The tail-bone muscle encloses the Governing Vessel from the rear wall of the anus to the tail bone. To exercise this muscle, you must focus your mind into the tailbone and lightly contract the rear wall of the anus so that you won't contract your prostate muscle (the front wall of the anus!) or move your scrotum/penis. This is called the anal breathing method , as shown in
The simplest way to practice it is to squeeze your butts against your tail bone in each stepwise inhaling.
You can balloon the penis without herbs. That was what i did before I entered my middle life. After midlife, I have found that parasympathetic nervous function (Yin Chi) is insufficient to balloon my penis. That is why I formulated ViaGrowth products. If you started to masturbate too young or overdo it, you won't have the ability to balloon the penis, since your Parasympathetic Channel is empty, nothing left for acuating your erection!
When my penis is ballooned up fropm a spantaneous (natural) erection, my wife's mouth is unable to enclose it, as shown in
It is very difficult to bend down the power-up penis.
After passing my 45, I need my supplements to retain the erection power. My Penile Ballooning Method is given in
However, I use my wife's sexual energy to help me power up my penis during lovemaking. Her excitement affects my penile power-up size. I do know her swollen G-spot can help my penis power up. I believe I always couple her sexual energy from her Epicenter to my glans pernis to power up my penis.
It is very important to have a full love with a woman for the Tao-of-Love sexual practice. Masturbating once or twice a week for a young man is harmless.
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