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Case Study: Over-masturbation before adolescence results in penile shrinkage for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/24/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I remember having good erection of 6.5 inches when at 18 years old. Today, at 29, I can only achieve 4.5 to 5.0 inches when fully erect.
The angle of erection is also poor, sometimes just straight line horizontally. Am I clinically "impotent"?? Can I still be capable of having sex with female.
I never have sex with any girl before and never go to prostitutes. But I masturbated since the age of 10, at that time still w/o pubic hairs. It happened after I was shown porno video. I experiment with myself. The first time was in the shower. I had my first ejaculation during my first masturbation.
Eversince, I masturbated three to four times almost daily, and today I still have such habits. Although twice a day is maximum I can achieve.
I also have little semen, about one teaspoonful only. It's milky white and slightly thick. Am I still capable of making baby?
Eight years ago, I like a girl but she didn't accept me until now. She already have sex with other guys for many years now. But I still dream about having sex with her for all these years. This makes me not wanting to find another girl and makes me sick. Am I abnormal? I felt so lost without this person.
I lost all confidence in myself and everything seems to have gone wrong.
I tried many herb formulations including Chinese & Western. I even applied herbal oil on my penis to make it stand. But all that didn't help much.
Today, I learn about HGH inducing supplements can make my penis becoming bigger and stronger like teenager again. Is this really true? Can it work for me? How does it really work on the sex organ?
Please help me.
Dr. Lin:1/25/2000>
You are not fully impotent yet! Your penis is shrinking. You are aging faster than you are supposed to be, as a result of over-masturbation before your adolescence. The damage in your nervous-endocrine functions is done.
You can have a sex with female, but go nowhere and come in a short time.
You can still make badies, but you may have some difficulties to sexually satisfy your wife. The image of the first lover in your mind lasts for the life time. You are very normal and passionate.
ViaGrowth-III/FibraTea or ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea + Ginseng Power Max 4x contains all the necessary ingredients to re-activate your parasympthetic sexual function (Yin Chi) to restore your erection to 6.5".
ViaGrowth-IV contains more than L-arginie which is the ingredient for the body to produce the erection mediator Nitric Oxide (NO) under the action of the nervous-endocrine functions. With a proper parasympthetic nervous function and sufficient testosterone and DHEA to burn, you won't have a powerful erection no matter how much L-arginine is loaded into your body.
At your age, you body can produce a little L-argining. The peak synthesis, associated with endocrine and liver function, occurs around age 10-20. After 35 or 40, the body may completely lose its ability to synthesize L-Arginine. Then, middle agers and seniors have to get L-arginine from diets Now, all you need are ViaGrowth-III/Fibra and Ginseng Power Max 4X to rejuvenate your body. These products are to power your Yin Chi (the brain's acetylcholine action and the parasympathetic nervous function), reduce the production of stress hormone adrenaline and block its receptors in the prostate, so that the parasymthetic sexual nerve can get a bioeletcric supercharge from the brain to actuate the penile erection. They also help the body to produce a contonuous tsetosterone burst and burning to hold up a hard erection for a long time.
When you started to masturbate too young, your prostate developed too many hormonal receptors to trap testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), adrenaline, leading to prostate enlargment, premature ejaculation and weak erection which are the most common problems for middle agers and seniors.
Therefore, the penile tissues can not get sufficient testosterone and DHEA from the blood circulation for retaining the erection size.
That is why our products work well to rejevunate sexual function.
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