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Case Study: How to break the orgasmic barrier for Level-7 sexual orgasm and get benefit from ejaculation
Reader: 1/24/2000>
How do you break the orgasmic barrier and how do you find out the rate of her uterine contractions to achieve a level 7 orgasm again in the future? can a level 7 orgasm only be achieved by ejaculating on her epicenter with a powered up penis? in other words, do i need both the ejaculation and the powered up penis? or is the powered up penis good enough? finally, i have had tight muscles from too much masturbation in the past. i noticed that i would force ejaculation and hurry it up by contracting my leg muscles and lower back. to get rid of the tightness, i have been meditating and relaxing them. when i am really relaxed, my whole body will spaz, and many times my leg or back muscles will vibrate and it feels really soothing. as a matter of fact, when i feel my stomach vibrate, i feel a rush of energy that has been caught in my legs finally be released and it feels really warm. i have been doing this for a year now and i have found out that the stomach vibrations permenently reduce the tightness in my legs and back. what is this phenomenon that is happening to me? p.s. i can never seem to get the tightness out of my right groin muscle. it is too hard to isolate and relax with my mind so i bought you vacuum cupping massage tool. it is in the mail i suppose. any tips you can give me for this so i can be ready when it arrives. thank you so much again
Dr. Lin:1/25/2000>
To make women come, it requires a simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris and G-spot in general. The G-spot and clitoral root are so close to each other. When they are swollen in the pre-orgasm stage, they are like twin cities across a river (the urethra), as shown in
Since the clitoral root near the tip of the pubic bone is the Energy Gaten of the uterine resonator cavity, like the radiation wave of the laser or microwave resonators, you have to open this gate while trigger her orgasm (indiuce uterine contraction) at G-spot or Epicenter. If this Gate is not open, the sexual energy is trapped inside the Epicenter, resulting in her pelvic congestion that drives her mad, not only crazy!
"Opening this energy gate" is "breaking the orgasmic barrier."
I used an audio recorder from 1977-1982 and a camcorder after 1982 to record the sexual and orgasmic responses. Then, I processed the audio and video signals in the computer to extract the envelope of the vocal responses (involutary moans and and cries). The envelope singal is the uterine contraction that modulats the brain's vocal center, as shown in
Once the orgasmic waves trike the heart and then the brain, the entire body is involutarily controlled by the uterine contraction, as shown in
Basically, orgasmic moans, cries and heavy breathing are totally driven by the orgasm-induced hydraulic shock waves produced by the heart. Each uterine contraction drives the heart to produce a hydraulic shock wave that modulates the entire function including vocal responses. There are varieties of orgasmic responses as listed in
Level-7 orgasm requires the 3-point excitation which can be done with the 3-Point Excitation Love Position and the Finger Plier Method where one finger stimulates on the upper-left corner of her clitoral base and the other curved finger on the entire urethra never between the G-spot and Epicenter. Therefore, you stimulate her entire urethral nerve from the G-spot to Epicenter. One of the trick is that upon breaking her orgasmic barrier, you have to stimulate her Epicenter at the same rate as her uterine contraction, 0.8 second per cycle. This is the synchronous forcing stimulation so that her heart beat and brain can ride the orgasmic waves smoothly and she can continuously orgasms until her testosterone is fully burned out. Some women with high octane can continue to orgasm upto 50 cycles.
Yes! the penile erection power is very critical to drive the high-level orgasm.
Ejaculation can trigger orgasm because at the moment of ejaculation the penis becomes extreme hard. Once the orgasm is triggered, it only requires a mild erection to continue her orgasm. That is, if her orgasm is triggered by ejaculation, she can continue to orgasm before the penis becomes too soft. Our product ViaGrowth-III/Fibra + Ginseng Power Max 4x can help men retain a natural erection for another 3-5 minutes for middle agers after ejaculating. This is very impoprtant for their partner to enjoy a longer orgasm.
I prefer using a powered-up penis to trigger the Level-7 orgasm without ejaculation, so that I can make come 2 or 3 times with a particular love position that I can send a sequence of powerful orgasmic waves back to my brain via my spinal cord and Governing Vessel of the acupuncture network. I find that ejaculation with a powerful orgasm energizes my body, so that I don't have to take a nap when I have a morning sex.
You are dealing with energy channeling. You should channel all the orgasmic energy back to the brain via spinal cord and the Governing Vessel. It seems your orgasmic energy is trapped in the low body. The tightness of grions indicates your sexual energy is trapped. The stomach vibrations (spasm) during orgasm is caused the orgasmic energy reflection from the accupuncture point GV-1 (the tailbone point) of the Govenering Vessel.
You have to break the congestion in the low back and tail bone areas. You should do vacuum-massage the entire spinal cord from the neck or GV-14 to the tail bone (GV-1). The Vacuum-Cupping Massage manual has the marked point. Vacuuming the spinal cord will generate piezoelectric energy to heat up the body and power erection.
You also have to vacuum the grions and CV-I between the scrotum and anus. Vacuuming this area will reduce the congestion in the prostate muscle and prolong intercourse.
The most important result is to allow you to re-cycle the orgasmic energy to stimulate the nervous and endocrine function so that ejaculation can energize your body.
The Vacuum-Cupping Massage tool set was shipped to you yesterday.
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Click "In Love We Trust!" for Classified Orgasmic File Expansion (More Orgasmic Files)
Any love problems, Ask the black-belt Sexual ChiKong(KungFu) Master, Dr. Lin. FREE!
Yes, I want to talk to Dr. Lin, lovebug@actionlove.com(click here).
Copyright (C) since 1997 Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE., All rights reserved.