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Case Study: Hard erection and Lasting longer are the keys for her sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/22/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin, How are you? I have written to you before and I basically have the same problem with a few new ones in addition to that. First, I really feel like I have a loose vagina. I know you said I can't because I'm too young (i'm 21) but it really doesn't feel as tight as it used to about a year ago. I mentioned that I had sex with someone with a very large penis just one time so I don't know if that may have stretched me out. My current boyfriend is not small by any means, although he's not as large as the penis that i think may have stretched me. When we have sex I feel as if there is not much friction at times. When he is on top I someimes feel as though I don't feel much sensation, and this scares me. I've never had children or anything. I had sex with this other person about two years ago and it was the best sex I've had. He did not have a big penis but he still filled me up and I certainly felt sensastion. My new boyfriends penis is not soft-I don't know if it's as hard as it could be. He says it is, but one time he said his erecions aren't as powerful as they used to be (he's 21 also). He claims it has nothing to do with me but it still upsets me. I feel like it's all my fault. He says that when I'm very wet it's looser but for some reason he comes quick. Then when I am dryer he says I'm tighter and he lasts longer. It just seems as though whenever something feels really good for me he comes right away. Then when I'm not enjoying something too much he doesn't come and I just want to tell him to stop. DO you think we're not just compatible lovers? I love him and I want to have great sex with him. I've told him that I honestly don't enjoy myself when we have sex somtimes. I didn't want to lie. He felt really bad. He wants me to enjoy it. I think I made him insecure. At the very beginning I told him that I couldn't really feel him in me. He then told me I didn't feel that tight. Then right after we had sex once he put three fingers inside me and told me I'm loose. I got upset so now he always tells me I'm tight and he doesn't know what he was talking about. I just want to feel tight with him in me. Are there any pills that I can take? Or that he can take? I start taking the pill today and I'm afraid that will make me even more wet. An orgasm from sex isn't even on my mind right now. I just want to enjoy the sex and I want to be the best sex of his life. Sorry this is so long, I really need advice-I'm too embarassed to ask anyone else. Thanks for listening.
Dr. Lin:1/22/2000>
It is not your problem. A big penis won't stretch your vagina.
When your vagina is fully expanded and tented up, you are ready for a deep penetration and high-speed stimulation. Then, if your man or men can not erect a hard penis or hold a hard one, he or they will blame you for the vaginal loose. In fact, when you are entering an excited state ready for orgasm, you may feel nothing inside you because the penis is erected insufficient or even become soft.
Your sensational feeling can peaks up only when a hard penis stimulates your urethral nerve through the vaginal ceiling, between the G-spot and the Epicenter at the end pocket of the vagina. In the excited state, the urethral nerve and tissue expand to form an upside ridge hanging over the vaginal ceiling as shown in
When you feel good, the penis is stimulating your Epicenter the female degenerated prostate) between the bladder and cervix. The gap at the end pocket of the vagina will suck the glans penis up so that he comes very quickly if he don't know how to control ejaculation. This is not your fault either.
When you are dryer, the penile friction (yes, it causes pain in his penis and your vagina) reduces his sensation so that he can last longer. But, this is not the way to have sex!
"DO you think we're not just compatible lovers?"
He has to learn how to control ejaculation when you are entering an excited state under which you can enjoy sex and orgasm. This is a very critical condition for a man to be as a good lover.
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