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Case Study: How to produce a Level-7 full-body sexual orgasm; Creatine and HTP for no sexual orgasm!
Reader: 1/16/2000>
Dr. Lim, I have spent the last few hours looking over your web site and I cant decide which of your products to try. Please advise. Here is my question: My boyfriend and I have been experimenting with multiple orgasm through breathing techniques. I can have many orgasms through clitoral stimulation, but have not been able to reach orgasm through vaginal or G- spot stimulation. In fact, I'm not sure we can even find my G- spot because even though it feels pleasurable, it is does not seem to be sensitive enough to produce an orgasm. I would also like to achieve female ejaculation and raise my overall sex drive. I am 33 years old, healthy and am not taking any medication. I recently started taking creatine powder and HTP to raise my seratonin levels and give me more energy for working out. Please design a program for me to try, I am anxious to get started! Thanks so much.
Dr. Lin:1/20/2000> ViaGrowth-III + Ginseng Power Max 4x are the best ones to swell the G-spot/Clitoris, tent up the vagina and power-up the Penis.
Here are my tricks:
1. Take these products 1 hours before sex.
2. Watch a porn movie while he uses a Finger Plier to massage your Clitoris and G-spot/Epicenter at the same time. The Massage should extend from the G-spot to the Epcenter, and apply to both sides of the urethral nerve between the 11- and 1- o'clock position with a screwing in-and-out motion.
In 10 minutes, your entire urethra nerve/tissue should expand into the vaginal ceiling which becomes a upside "mountain ridge" extending from the G-spot to the Epicenter, as shown in
This produces the same effect as the penile power-up or balloning. I call it the G-spot Ballooning or Power-up.
Usually, when the Finger Plier stimulation is sped up to 2.5 strokes per second, you will experience a full body orgasm, Level-7.
Upon you understand the orgasm mechanism, you can follow my orgasm tips in
Hint: The penis must lock into the Epicenter(the female degenerated prostate) between the cervix and bladder, where is the orgasm pacemaker. It is very critical for triggering orgasm at the Epicenter which will relay a signal to the brain's pituitary for producing a large amount of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin to power the uterine contraction. Here is how to lock the glans penis into the Epicenter
This is a must for a Level-7 full-body orgasm.
Creatine powder and HTP are to build muscles and will generate more testosterone receptors in the muscle to compete the testosterone receptors in the G-spot, Epicenter, and uterus. You will end up with less testosterone flowing into the G-spot, Epicenter, and uterus. As a result, they will reduce your libido and orgasm capcity.
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