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Case Study: Dr. Lin's 3-Point Excitation Method and overcoming the side effects of Birth Control Pill for Level-7 sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/12/2000>
Dr. Lin,
First of all, I'd like to say that I really appreciate all of the info that you have on your site. I have many questions for you. I do not have the CD-Rom yet but I plan to order it soon! I reall want to be the best lover that I can possibly be.
1. When I get an erection, I feel as though my semen rises almost immediately. How Can I prevent this?
2. I have a slightly curved(hooked) up penis in which the women seen to like, but I would like to increase my width, what do you suggest I do to do this without loosing my hook? (I want to do it naturally, no drugs or anything)
3. Is masturbation hurting my stamina? I read that you said that over-masturbation can decrease penis size.( I did do it a lot as a teenager) I want to get larger!!!
4. with one of my lady friends I have a difficult time making her come. She can rub her clitoris on my pelvic bone and come very vigorously (when I am NOT inside her) and that is the only way. When I perform oral sex on her I can make her body vibrate but she will not come. Stroking inside her does not do anything. Also when I get her going in a position that rubs her clit she is so aroused that she pushes me out (by throwing her legs and getting wild) and I cannot hold the position. Or by the time I get her going I am ready to come. She moves so suddenly that she stimulates my "no touch" zone on my penis and I loose it. I really want to give her a 7-level orgasm but I don't know if her G-spot gets aroused or what. She has had an abortion and is on the pill, does that have anything to do with it? Help me!!!!!!
5. I have another lady friend who is afraid to have a female ejaculation. She feels as though she is going to urinate and she does not want that to happen. I can get her to that point but she will just hold it and when she can't she will start to push me away. I've tried to explain to her. What should I do??
6.How do you feel about penis pumps to enlarge the penis and give girth. I don't want to loose my hook!! Can you recomend one? Does large girth help to pull on the clit during sex to trigger orgasm?
7. What is the best position to trigger orgasm in the woman without putting presure on my "no touch" zone on my penis?
8. What are the best g-spot positions? The best angle to produce orgasm in the doggy-style position? Difference between high angle attack and low angle?
Hope I wasn't to long. Just trying to gain knowledge?

P.S. I am 22 years old
Dr. Lin:1/15/2000>
1. Apply a pressure to your bladder and lightly contract your tailbone muscle.
2. You have a perfect, most powerful, penis like mine as shown in
It can hook up the female's Epicenter with any love positions and very effectively stimulate the Orgasmic Pacemaker for more and more Oxytocin (the orgasm hormone). Of course, an Expanded glans penis is more powerful to fully fill up the gap between her bladder and cervix as shown in the central graph of
This is the only way to produce Level-7 orgasm in her body.
To balloon your glans penis, please read
3.No always, it depends on the masturbation/ejaculation frequency. Young men can masturbate to ejaculate 3 times a week without hurting the body; instead, it can unlock the Brain's testosterone Negative Feedback Controller for more testosterone production.
4. This lady experiences clitoral orgasm which make her cltoris become supper sensitive as usual. You can not stimulate her clitoris any more after her clitoral orgasm. Birth control pill usually inceases the thickness of vaginal lining that heavily coats the urethral never and deeply bury the G-spot and Epicenter for vaginal orgasmic dysfunction. It also reduce her orgasm hormone Oxytocin and increase her orgasm inhibitor Prolactin. However, the pill doesn't affect the weak clitoral orgasm that much, unless it fully knock down her testosterone production in the adrenal cortexes (sure, it kills the ovarian function for testosterone production!). To solve her problem, she need ViaGrowth-III/Fibra, or Heat Tea which will increase her testosterone level in one hour by the liver function without the adrenal or ovarian function. Most of women require a simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris and the vaginal ceiling to achieve orgasm. This is what my 2-point or 3-point excitation method is.
5. Tell her its ok to let it go. Orgasm will gradually improve her vaginal muscle tone.
6. From my personal experiements, Penile Pumping weaks my natural erection power because it forces the parasympathetic sexual nerve to actuate erection to an extreme without sufficent bioelectic support from the brain's acetylcholine (ACh) and dopamine actions. It also overstretches the elasticity of the penile tissues, resulting in inelastic factigue, like a fatigued ruber band. You will loose your erection with penile pumping. Use the penile Ballooing Method to expand the glans to trigger her orgasm at the Epicenter.
7. My 3-point Excitation Position as described in
8. My 3-point Excitation Position stimulates the entire female urethral nerve from the G-spot to the Epicenter with a heavy stimulation pressure, where the male pubis heavily stimulate the entire female clitoris from the female pubis to the glans clitoris.
Doggy-style love positions can stimulate the Epicenter and cervix if the attack angle is correct. Sometimes, Doggy-style love positions may lock into the gap between the rectum and cervix. If this is the case, You stimulate the wrong spot. Overall, Doggy-style love positions tends to overstimulates male trigger zones. They are good love positions for male orgasm that can trigger female orgasm. The weak point is that Doggy-style love positions won't stimulate the clitoris. Clitoral Stimulation is essential to open her sexual energy window for orgasmic waves to radiate. That is why I invent the 2-point or 3-point Excitation Method to open this energy gate to "break" the orgasmic barrier. The energy gate, located in the clitoral root under the pubis and in the other side of the G-spot across urethra, can be indirectly opened by a violent standing strain wave along the urethral nerve between the G-spot and Epicenter.
I usually use the doggy-style to trigger her 2nd or 3rd orgasm, resulting in a powerful orgasm in my body.
Only high-attack-angle love positions can effectively stimulate the urethral nerve between the the G-spot and Epicenter. Low-attack angle love positions are only good for the intiation of lovemaking that stimulates vaginal lubrication and erects the penis beyond the natural erection state for the next stage lovemaking with a high-attack angle position.
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